Shin Godzilla aka Godzilla: Resurgence


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So the forthcoming Toho Godzilla film has been confirmed to be the third Toho reboot, with Godzilla (and his nsfw tail) emerging to destroy Japan for the very first time.



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Actually, it's more like the umpteenth reboot after the "Millennium" films, all but two of which posited their own internal continuity- and I gotta say, the suit design? No me gusta.

I'll give this flick a whirl, but in the topsy-turvy world I find myself in, I'm actually more excited for the new Gamera movie- which I would never have imagined possible.

Actually, all prior Japanese Godzilla movies have included the original 1954 film as the start point of their canon,

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And? There are, at a rough count, no fewer than seven distinct continuities in Toho's crop to date, so it's either the very first full Toho reboot, or the umpteenth Toho continuity.

I can't wait, it has been so long since Japan did a Godzilla movie.

I liked it. It harkened back to the original in that it was presented as more of a disaster movie than a (now) traditional giant monster movie. There was also a lot of parody on the inefficiency of bureaucracy and some political commentary on the amount of post-WWII restrictions that still are in place in Japan.

Spoilers ahoy!


Godzilla's initial form looked rather goofy, like a crappy B-rate monster you would expect to see in the worst of the Showa era. However, his first mutation made him look a lot more Godzilla-like and more intimidating.

This Godzilla has new powers! His breath weapon is now much more concentrated, more of a ray than a cone. But even more notable is that he can also project this ray from his tail, and even smaller more concentrated versions from his dorsal spines. And the rays themselves seem to be more powerful, they slice right through buildings.

However, the tradeoff for this increased power seems to be that he falls into a semi-hibernation pretty damn frequently. While this was ok for this Godzilla vs Tokyo scenario, I'm not sure it will work well when they invariably have the major conflict be between Godzilla and other monsters in future sequels.

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