Question about the Psychic Stalker's Formless ability

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The creature's ability:

Formless (Ex):
A psychic stalker has no visible form, but creatures that have taken Charisma damage from its attacks hallucinate a ghostly haze with a screaming skull within, allowing them to damage the creature normally. It is treated as invisible to all other creatures, but as it has no true form or substance, effects like invisibility purge, see invisibility, and even faerie fire or glitterdust do not negate this ability (though blindsight provided by thoughtsense locates a psychic stalker). The ability to hallucinate a psychic stalker and negate its concealment after taking Charisma damage is a mind-affecting effect.

States that a creature wounded by the Psychic Stalker can damage it normally.

This may be a sort of RAI vs RAW, but I thought I'd get others' input... my first thought was that the stalker is simply no longer invisible, but the way its written I could see it meaning that it can be damaged normally regardless of the incorporeal ability. I might be overthinking it, but it could be important with my gaming group.

Thanks for any input ahead of time!

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