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First and foremost, I apologize for the length of this post.

So...I'm running Reign of Winter in campaign mode on Roll20. Before I get to the nitty gritty of my specific question, here's some pertinent info. The modules in the adventure path's sanctioned content level as thus -

  • #67 - The Snows of Summer - Levels 1-2
  • #68 - The Shackled Hut - Levels 5-7
  • #69 - Maiden, Mother, Crone - Levels 8-10
  • #70 - The Frozen Stars - Levels 11-13
  • #71 - Rasputin Must Die! - Levels 13-15
  • #72 - The Witch Queen's Revenge - Levels 15-17

Also, hidden as a spoiler in case you really don't want to know,

Chronicle Boon:
Rider: You asked to become one of Baba Yaga’s Three Riders, and you must leave Golarion for a time to serve your new mistress before returning. You cannot play this character or apply credit to him until two years after the date on this Chronicle sheet. When the character returns, he is one of Baba Yaga’s Riders and can cast phantom steed at will (CL 13th). Furthermore, treat this boon as if it were two Mantle of the Black Rider boons for the prupose of calculating other Mantle of the Black Rider boons’ bonuses, even allowing those boons to exceed the +6 maximum bonus.

I rolled up a 1st level character specifically to attach all of the boons from this adventure path to. Now, the first module, I understand that I can apply the GM credit chronicle sheet to the character no problem, as the character is 1st level anyways (hasn't had any credit applied to her yet). That will instantly jump the character up to 2nd level (3 xp, 4 prestige). What about for the rest of the chronicle sheets? Would she have to be in a level appropriate range to have received the chronicle normally? For instance, in order to apply the 2nd chronicle sheet (requiring a level range of 5-7), would I have to have to do a mixture of 9 xp via playing and gming scenarios? The only reason why I ask this is because of the following.

Pathfinder Adventure Path: Reign of Winter (Rules and Chronicle Sheets) said wrote:
...Alternatively, if you are participating in the Reign of Winter Adventure Path with an ongoing group undertaking the entire, six-chapter campaign, you may receive credit for playing the sanctioned portions of the adventure as if you had played a pregenerated character...


Pathfinder Adventure Path: Reign of Winter (Rules and Chronicle Sheets) said wrote:
...All players receive a Chronicle sheet unless, at the GM’s discretion, they are replaying the Adventure Path for no credit. If a player uses an existing Pathfinder Society character for the adventure, he must apply the Chronicle sheet to that character immediately. A player who uses a pregenerated character must hold the Chronicle sheet until his character reaches the level of the pregenerated character...


Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide (ver 7.0) said wrote:

If you play a 1st-level pregenerated character, you can apply the credit to a newly created character of your very own. If you play a non-1st-level pregenerated character, you choose one of your characters to assign the chronicle to at the end of adventure, and then apply the credit to your character as soon as she reaches the level of the pregenerated character played. You may not assign a Chronicle sheet earned with a pregenerated character to a character that was already at the level of the pregenerated character or higher. If you have multiple Chronicle sheets from pregenerated characters, they are applied to your character’s Chronicle sheet stack in the order played when your character reaches the appropriate level, even if this would advance your character several levels.

You may also opt instead to apply the Chronicle sheets earned with a non-1st-level pregenerated character to a 1st-level character with the amount of gp gained reduced, and any character specific boons earned must wait to be utilized until the character is of the same level as thesubtier on the Chronicle sheet unless otherwise noted. You do not lose access to any of the Prestige Points, or items listed on the Chronicle sheets that were earned during the adventure, but you do forego downtime.
In conclusion: My curiousity lies in whether
  • Option A - I can apply all of the chronicle sheets for the Reign of Winter adventure path to the same character immediately (essentially taking them from levels 1-7 instantly). If so, what's the reduced amount of gold this character would recieve per chronicle sheet? PFS Roleplaying Guild Guide doesn't give an exact amount. Would I have to wait till level 15 (minimum for the 6th chronicle sheet) in order to meet the "downside" of the spoiler-hid boon?
  • Option B - Do I have to have a stack of GM credit chronicle sheets to apply to this character, of appropriate level ranges, so that she can accept GM credit chronicle sheets from the adventure path as they become applicable?

Finally, so that I can explain it to my players appropriately, do they get the same options?

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It's a combination of A and B.

Each chronicle can be applied to the appropriate leveled character, applied to a character that isn't yet appropriately leveled and held for the right level, or reduced to a level 1 chronicle applied to a level 1 character with the gold changed to 1398 gp (699 gp for slow track) and with the boons delayed appropriately.

Regardless of what you and your players choose, if they choose that boon the downside won't kick in until they hit level 15 (or higher if they apply the sheet to a character already 16 or 17).

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