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Hey there everyone, Just had my first pathfinder society game and i loved it. Tried a necromancer build and while it was fun i think i want to go into the throes of combat.

When i first played pathfinder I played what i think was a Shoanti Outrider with horse, Klar, and Hammer. I can't seem to find any info on the class now (my friends helped pick it for me). Would love some direction to it as well as how to make it a viable class in PFS.

shoanti outrider was the class i think but i cant find it anywhere

There's a Barbarian archetype called Shoanti Burn Rider (from Inner Sea Combat) that gets a mount and some fire-oriented class features. There's also a feat called Thunder and Fang (from Varisia, Birthplace of Legends) that lets you dual-wield an earthbreaker and a klar. Both are PFS legal, though I'm not sure how well they'd necessarily go together, given the feats and weapon choices that generally go into mounted combat.

Don't think that is actually a thing. What is is the feat chain for Thunder and Fang. Someone else will have to tell you if that's PFS legal. If it isn't, you are basically hosed trying to play with those weapons.

One of the things that will help you in qualifying for it is knowing how you will arrange your stats. To qualify for Thunder and Fang you need TWF, but you also need a high Str score and generally with builds I pick between Str and Dex and stick to one. In this case it would be going Str and wearing heavy armor so the question is how do you manage TWF?

There's a few ways to go about this. Get TWF as a bonus feat. This can be done from the Ranger quite easily. But also the new class, the Vigilante, is surprisingly able to do it in a really interesting way that also gives you Improved Shield Bash. That feat's effect is useless, but it qualifies you for Shield Slam and then Shield Master when you reach level 11.

The other way is through Artful Dodge. This does mean you are required to have an Int score in place of a Dex score. And generally Dex is better but it's a bit easier to manage a decent enough physical and mental score on top of the Con you want for getting involved up close and personal. Probably the worse option since you likely want to go Human and that closes up having a race with + Str and Int.

Then, the second question is how do you get a horse. Probably the best way is just to play a Ranger and get an animal companion. There is a mounted Vigilante, but the problem with it is that it doesn't have full BaB. You'd really have to wait for the Vigilante to get good, and it wouldn't really ever get to Shield Master.

You do only really need TWF from the Ranger to start your carrier, so you could multiclass like mad to build the martial you want. There are two detractors to this plan. First of all, it would likely be harder to get to come online so you might be in the suck stage for a bit or in the "decent but missing the ability I wanted" stage. Second, multiclassing while you need animal companion levels is hard.

Well, I suppose the third detractor is I don't know the PFS material. If something like Mad Dog Barbarian or Wild Child Brawler was an option that would be killer with Boon Companion at third or fifth level. Then you could do the multiclass like mad strategy very effectively and get your companion around the same time you would for straight Ranger.

There are a few dilemmas when trying to capture the right image of a Shoanti Warrior. Of course barbarian seems like a natural fit, and in certain circumstances you're totally correct - burn rider or mad dog works great, but going with a mounted style build you would likely focus on using a spear or lance (which is just a spear specifically designed for mounted warriors).

And then of course for the iconic Thunder and Fang you need a lot of feats to even get it working, let alone effective. Fighter or Ranger could really get this going (and thank god for that human favored class bonus!) but you lose the flavor (and power) of that rage.

And so, in my opinion, the best option for making an iconnic Shoanti warrior wielding an Earthbreaker and Klar in tandem is the Viking archetype from People of the North. Bam! Now the name might throw you off - shouldn't this belong only to an Ulfen warrior hell-bent on raiding distant shores? Don't let that stop you. If what you want is a fearsome guardian of the Storval Plateau ready to dish out pain, this is what you're looking for.

The class features fit so well thematically! you won't be wearing heavy armor so losing it doesn't hurt, the klar is considered a shield so shield defense is a great bonus, you'll be getting bonus feats as a fighter, rage at 4th level as a barbarian -3, and that move action intimidate! Not to mention being able to trade bonus feats for rage powers later on.

Using a human Viking Fighter, you can have this online at 3rd level. Assuming a 20-point buy (which I believe PFS uses?) your stats might look like...

Strength 17
Dexterity 15
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 11
Charisma 10

And if you really want a higher strength you could take a point or two out of a mental stat like Charisma or Intelligence.

For feats, you'd be looking at...

Level 1: Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (earthbreaker)
Level 2: Weapon Focus (klar)
Level 3: Thunder and Fang

And there you go! The build you want is already on line and there are plenty of options ahead of you to further flesh out this character. Maybe go for an Intimidate build with power attack plus cornugon smash? Go into full barbarian for more rage and other bonuses (uncanny dodge, fast movement, etc?). Ranger is a possibility if you really want a scaling horse companion. There are lots of possibilities to fit the theme you're looking for, it's just a matter of choosing.

Hope this has been some help! :)

Oh i'm not planning on doing the outrider now, that brave warrior learned that not every session the noble horse can come with you.

I built a fighter taking power strike, two weapon fighting, and weapon proficiency earth breaker. level 3 i'll switch to barbarian.

Warpriest is also a good class for this. You can have thunder and Fang at level 3 regardless of race.

1st: two weapon fighting 1st level feat; weapon focus Earthbreaker bonus warpriest.

3rd: bonus combat feat - Thunder and Fang, 3rd level feat -Weapon Focus klar .

plus, self buffs as immediate and the scaling klar damage is a nice thing.

EDIT: Noted the BAB for weapon focus point. Switched TWF and WF

Stats: 20 pt buy, no racials chosen.

Str 16
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 8

Garuda Blooded Aasimar would be one of the best choices, giving you
Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 8.

Liberty's Edge

Warpriest is only eligible for weapon focus as a bonus feat at first level. Otherwise it requires a BAB of +1, which it won't have until level 2. You can retrain your first level feat into it, but it's worth noting the BAB pre-requisite.

Warpriest can take it at 3rd level as a bonus feat.

Sovereign Court

I'm playing a Thunder & Fang Shoanti in PFS and it's working quite well. I didn't even consider going mounted; actually this PC is something of a whiz at fights in cramped areas.

I used the Slayer class and the Sword & Shield combat style to get Shield Slam and soon also Shield Mastery as bonus feats without their (huge) prerequisites. Rogue talents like Weapon Focus help me get to the prerequisites for Thunder & Fang.

Silver Crusade

I went the Following way and its Crazy Good:
1 Unchained Barbar (TWF)
2 Fighter (WF Klar) [Foehammer]
3 Fighter (WF Earthbreaker/Thunder and Fang)
4 Unchained Barbar (Accurate Stance)
5 etc Fighter (Step Up Feat Chain and the TW REND Feat Chain)

The Foehammer Archtype gives crazy Bonuses to Hammers and once u reach LvL 11 you get Rythmicblows which gives +1A with each hit you land with either Hammer or Shield.

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