[Dire Rugrat Publishing] Tangible Taverns: Trio of Taverns 5e now available!

4th Edition

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It's finally been converted... and it features 9 unique NPCs and custom abilities.

Trio of Taverns, the third installment in the Tangible Taverns line, features not one, but, you guessed it, three taverns. Give your players the chance to explore what happens when a capable barbarian known for beheading his opponents falls in love with jam making and settles down to open his own shop, or let your players try to seduce a city noble by taking her to the classiest and most romantic tavern in town, or just stick with the basics and let them dance the night away with great entertainment and delicious food, while avoiding the shadier elements.

Tangible Taverns: Trio of Taverns brings you three smaller scale taverns each with rumour and event tables, a tavern map, and a description of frequent faces about the establishment (which include names, physical features and personalities for some tavern employees and patrons).

Grab your copy now.

While you are there, pick up one of our mini adventures - the perfect addition to a night at the tavern.

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Looking forward to your thoughts on them!

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