Introductory Challenges and Games!


So I'm starting a campaign with a group that have never played an RPG before, let alone Pathfinder. I want to set up some friendly, non-threatening challenges to help introduce them to the game and the gaming experience during their first session. The adventure begins with a big festival and a tournament.

What I have so far:

1. They will be entered into the tournament which will be designed as a team brawl. This will showcase how (melee) combat works.

2. Spellcasting. This could be like a talent show or similar, but I don't like that idea too much because it's clunky and feels a bit rail-roady.

3. An archery contest. This will deal with ranged combat, concealment, and cover.

But that's pretty much it. I want to have the following areas covered: Stealth and sneaking, Divine Spellcasting, and maybe even like a dating-game type of event that deals with role-playing scenarios. There could also be something involving money or gambling...?

Any advice on any of these subjects or anything akin to them would be awesome! Thanks, guys!

In like a tournament thing they could be armed with nonlethal weapons and (literally) knock themselves out. Or, "how quick can you destroy the block of stone!?"There is of course the classic, "I've got some rats in my basement, and need help!" There are spellcasting duels, and there could be like a magic obstacle course. For example, I use stoneshape to build a bridge, and destroy the swinging block with fireball. I like the idea of wrestling or sumo wrestling, which is using grappling or bull rushing out of a ring. For role-playing you could just practice haggling for prices. (There are rules for that in Ultimate Campaign). I also like the idea of assembling organizations or teams. While a little rules heavy, it's great opportunity for role-play. As silly as it sounds, you could just do hide-and-seek, or just have two rogues try to knock each other out with saps. There could be like an animal-taming competition. Sounds fun, good luck.

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