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Live in Florida and likewise got my book this week. Had the PDF for a while obviously, but just now getting around to digesting this spicy meat-a-ball...

....and all I can say is Wow! What a great product. Beautiful artwork, very cool setting material. The timing couldn't have been better too. We are finishing Rise of the Runelords now and I am starting my Lost Lands campaign in February/March looks like.

I will be starting them in Stoneheart Valley and having them make the trek to Tsar when they hit 7th. Can't wait to see what strings the puppet masters in Bard's Gate try to pull when the boys start making headway into desolation and the city of Tsar itself. (Assuming any of them survive that long of course).

Should I make the Bloodmage have ties to the Underguild? Have the party rogue be forced under the thumb of Duloth Armitage? The possibilities are endless!

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I'll admit I was also planning on taking The Bard's Gate, mixing it with ideas from planescape and Sigil itself.

My consideration being that of a city in which was a central hub or melting pot of not only those from all over the world to visit but those from beyond, whether the upper and lower planes, the etheral plane, astral planes, and elemental planes, or possibly also from other planets.

My copy has arrived here in Denmark. Unfortunately it's been grabbed by customs, and so I likely won't actually receive the book until some time next week.

It's good timing for me too - my players are in the Valley of the Shrines ... something tells me they will find a reason to retreat to the comforts of the city for awhile soon.

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The tome is AWESOME

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Endzeitgeist's review

I'm so proud!

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Skeeter Green wrote:

Endzeitgeist's review

I'm so proud!

You and the rest of the Froggies should be, it's a cracker city guide.

Skeeter Green wrote:

Endzeitgeist's review

I'm so proud!

You done good!

I'm really enjoying Bards Gate, I'm on a camping trip so it's filling my evenings. It's a little disappointing how many pathfinder references there are in my 5e book (especially skills) but that's not relevant to most of you here. At least I know what the DnD equivalent is- tho it could be confusing to someone new. But my mind is full of ideas for plots in that city, so much inspiration!

Next time send me a draft and I'll 5e check it for you, e.g. Search entire document for bluff and nine times out of ten replace with deception ;-)

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Just got mine in today...

Love the large cloth Bard's Gate City Map!

Mine arrived too. I was on the fence about getting the cloth map. REALLY glad I stumped up for it. Now I just need a bigger gaming table...

The book looks fantastic on a brief flip through. Got some time put aside this weekend to really read it thoroughly. :)

My S&W version references Appendix D but such an appendix isn't included in my copy. The 5E version doesn't cite appendix D. Does it exist in the PF version (it sounds like a kind of "additional mechanics" section, from the context)? Is there a S&W equivalent somewhere?

In the PF version, Appendix D is "New Classes, Archetypes, and Racial Subtypes".

Cheers. It's a shame the 5E version didn't get some sub-races and so forth Hopefully, they'll make it into the campaign setting.

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I'm very much hoping I have a chance of getting Bard's Gate before they're gone. Especially since a very particular review has given 5 stars and his seal of approval.

Admittedly, even before I learned this I was planning on getting it as I want to create a campaign that is focused on city adventures. Sighs, I just need to hope I can scrap together $100 to get a hardcover.

@ Jonathon Wilder, If you are having a hard time gathering the funds for a HC, why not get the PDF first? I know FGG gives copies of the PDF with a copy of the print, but sometimes we have to make exceptions.

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Also, my experience is that they print enough to sell them for a year or two after the kickstarter is fulfilled.

It is likely not an issue unless it takes you years to scrape it together.

Somebody has seen it at a local store yet?

I was unable to back the kick starter at the time but realy looking foward to taking it home.

For Northland Saga Complete, my local store had it the same week the backers begin to receive their copies. What is the norm on that?

Your local store probably backed it then?

No he generally receive 1 copy via his distributor and I generally take it. It's juste that he can't tell if/when he will receive itlike he do for Paizo products.

I know that the safest way to miss nothing is to back the Kickstarter or order directly from them but unfortunatly I'm not in the US and with the shipping, buying them at local store is realy cheaper for me.

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