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I've been kicking around the idea of running a second 5e game on here along with my Curse of Strahd game. Really the only thing holding me back is that I don't know what to run... so I thought I would put my thoughts out there and see what people were interested in.

First, I'm really interested in starting at level 3. Even if I run a module the starting level would be three and I'll adjust from there. I would allow stat array or point buy.

Second, I would allow all content - meaning all WotC published material, all UA material, approved homebrew/3PP, etc. I hold the right to adjust things I feel are too strong, weak, or unfun on the fly for homebrew material.

As to what the game would be I'll give some options:
1) A sandbox, place the players in the world and an adventure spawns from there. Players will be a part of setting up the world around them, and it will be built from the ground up as the game goes on. I'll probably use plot points or some other system to give the players a lot of agency. This would also require input on what type of setting it is - gritty, epic, sword and laser, etc.
2) A Pathfinder module converted to 5e. I would need suggestions on what you would want to play in.
3) A 5e adventure. I have them all, again just vote to see.

I am doting...

Any 5e game is a good game, that said I would vote for option # 3 Out of the Abyss.

Not too familiar with 5e, but from what I hear it seems awesome. Oh, and #3 seems interesting, but again, I'm not too familiar with 5e, so I don't know any adventures.

I've played some 5e and I think it's a fun system. I'm playing Princes of the Apocalypse with a group now and it's intriguing. So a WoTC published adventure should be great.

I think I'd like anything but Princes.

Out of the abyss is good !

Well it sounds like OotA is a front runner already : )

2 - OotA
1 - Any WotC adventure
1 - Any WotC adventure besides PotA

I would be interested, but with the caveat that I'm new to 5e (DMed it a little when first came out but group is pretty die hard PF), and am a newbie to PbP (always the DM in home group and never get to be a player, so decided this weekend to look at online games here - haven't played PbP since it was PBeM in the 90's). So not sure if you would want someone new like me in there, but I would be interested in applying.

As for the different options, I'd be interested in any of them. Out of the Abyss sounds cool.

Sandbox based on character interests would be awesome, as well. Not a fan of gritty, myself, but epic quest, exploring strange world(s), and even Dirty Dozen/Ocean's Eleven/Firefly group of "Good-ish" sorta-heroes are all loads of fun.

But I'm really open to most anything.

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I haven't played 5e yet, but I want to give it a try! I have the PHB, and I'd probably be drawing mostly from that.

I think I'd like to play a 5e adventure. I don't know what's out there, but anything with some good NPC interaction is good!

I'm welcoming of new players, don't worry. If you're familiar with other editions/Pathfinder it's very easy to pick up.

OotA is probably the most NPC oriented, Poet... but it's also pretty unfriendly. Just don't be afraid to run away and live to fight another day.

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Sounds good to me! I have a good amount of Pathfinder experience, but I want to get my feet wet with a new system.

I'd be down for an OotA game! Almost got into one irl a few months back.

How would you handle stats? Point buy, roll or the static array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10 & 8)?

I am currently reading the 5e rules and would be quite interested in a 5e game. I've heard mixed things about the 5e adventures, but would be quite interested in trying one.

I am sincerely interested in another 5E PbP. I am participating in several right now. I would prefer any 5E module, except OoTA. I have not had much success with that one on the boards.

A conversion of some old D&D classics would also be fun. I am currently playing in a Sinister Secrets of Saltmarsh one that is really a blast. 5E is really suited to the classic 2E modules. Is there a Temple of Elemental Evil that has been converted?

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Potentially interested, but I'm disinclined toward Out of the Abyss.

Hoard of the Dragon Queens I'd be interested in.

I'd be interested, no particular adventure or module preference, but I would love to get into a game.

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Looks like all the usual

I would love to see a game that ran some classic adventures strung together (Like the G-series(Giants) and the A-series (Slavers)...but that's just me....I am itching to go through the Giants and Drow as a 5th edition character!!

Yep...usual suspects!

I concur with Daniel on those classic series, as well.

3 - OotA
2 - TSR module
2 - Any 5e game
2 - Any 5e game, not OotA
1 - Any WotC adventure
1 - Any WotC adventure besides PotA
1 - HotDQ
1 - Sandbox (Heroic Fantasy)

Temple of Elemental Evil is what Princes of the Apocalyse is based on, and Curse of Strahd is based on I6 Ravenloft.

Out of the Abyss is still leading, but not by nearly as much. I'm kind of surprised the Paizo adventures have not even got one vote :P

I'll let this go for a few more days just to finalize the choice of game and then post the recruitment thread.

Classic would be awesome!

Actually, I'm refining the choices to two. Vote now to pick either:

1) A 5e adventure
2) A classic/TSR adventure

I'll make the recruitment thread on Thursday and we'll decide the adventure then.

Classic TSR all the way.

I don't care how good WotC has gotten, I don't know if a modern 5e story could top a story that has made it to the level of a classic.

1) because I haven't had the chance to do any as of yet :3


Either would be fun but I agree with cool dude #1 5e

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Classic for me....

A 5e adventure.

I'd dig a classic adventure :-)

lol, seriously guys?

Maybe I will do both then. There appears to be enough interest.

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For classic, may I suggest the A-series. Just a suggestion :-)

OK, recruitment is up!

If you like Option 1 (a 5e published adventure) click this link

If you want a classic module click this link

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