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Hello again!
This time I have a question about using the Delay Blast feat:

Delay Blast:
Benefit(s): When you use a kinetic blast, you can specify a number of rounds between 1 and 5. When that number of rounds has passed, the kinetic blast takes effect at the beginning of your turn. In the interim, you can take a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity to cause the blast to take effect earlier than you initially selected. If you delay another blast while you already have a delayed blast pending, the previous delayed blast dissipates harmlessly.

You must make any decisions you would make about the delayed blast—including designating target positions, choosing infusions, and determining or shaping the area—when you first use the blast. The blast originates from your position at the time you used the blast, not your current position when the blast takes effect, and it targets the position or area you had specified (which may or may not include any targets). A delayed blast radiates an aura of magic appropriate for its spell level even while it is delayed, and during that time, it can be dispelled by dispel magic.

The rules for it seem to indicate that you can use any infusions/other abilities (like metamagic) on it assuming you make those decisions when you create the delayed blast. My questions are about the following interactions:

1) Delay Blast and Ride the Blast.

Ride the Blast:
You can use this wild talent as part of activating a kinetic blast other than telekinetic blast. You transform yourself into your element or energy and send yourself along with your kinetic blast. You appear at the end of the blast's path, adjacent to the blast's target (or final target, for form infusions like chain) or at the center of the burst or spread for form infusions like explosion. This ability doesn't work with form infusions that involve melee attacks (such as kinetic blade) or that use a cone shape (such as spray).

Is it possible to use Ride the Blast on the blast you delay, assuming you had made that decision when you set up the delayed blast? From a strategic standpoint, I think it would be pretty cool strategically since it would allow you to delay a blast, rush into melee, create some chaos, and then suddenly teleport back to a predetermined space. Logically, though, it would be difficult to "send your energy" through a blast that's originating somewhere else. (By that logic, would it still be possible to Ride the Blast if you remained on the origin space for your delayed blast?)

2) Delay Blast and Kinetic Blade/Fist/Whip

This one has a lot fewer applications imo, but it's here for the sake of asking questions. Then again, this seems to be fairly obvious, since the melee attack that triggers it wouldn't actually go through since there's no blast to accompany it anymore (although fist or a telekinetic blade could still work), and by the wording of Delay Blast one could assume that even if you did delay the creation of kinetic weapons, they would just appear in your old space if you moved away and not really be too useful.

3) Hitting yourself with a Delayed Blast

I think this one is fairly clear as well, but if you end up in the AOE or target square of a delayed blast, would you suffer its effects as normal? Could you, in theory, set up a delayed Electric Chain blast and then sacrifice your well-being to jump into its target square and make sure that it gets chained? (assuming it hits of course). Or delay a cyclone, get bull-rushed out of your square, and then eat the force of that cyclone? Speaking of cyclone, would a delayed cyclone not deal damage to any creature on its origin square (since I assume cyclone doesn't deal damage on its origin square since you are occupying it and that would be silly).

I know most people actually don't like delay blast, but as a tactician I see a lot of potential for the ability. Any input/advice would be highly appreciated :)

I can't find an edit button, so sorry for double-posting :X

I had one more question concerning Delay Blast: Can you use Gather Power when you create the blast and still delay it? For example, at level 7 could I gather power and then take 1 burn to create a delayed composite blast?

This assumes that you pay the burn costs up front when you create the blast, of course.

Liberty's Edge

So here is what I think.

1) I think your logic is correct. Ride the Blast orginiates at the location that blast as started. If you are not there than there is no "target" for the blast to grab onto and move. I think the just fails. But if you can get back to that spot I think it can be used as allow an escape.

2) I don't see how Delay Blast can wok with Kinetic Blade/Fist/Whip.

3) I think your logic is correct on this item as well.

Interesting and thought provoking discussion that makes a Kineticist more interesting.

And the reason you could not find an edit button is because a person can only edit their message for certain amount of time. I am not sure what the time limit but it is not very long.

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