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I'm about to free up some of my gaming cash and I'm about to make a foray into the wilderness of 3rd party material. What I'm primarily interested in is AP-style adventures and campaign materials as well as smaller set pieces. I tend to take AP length adventures and amend them with PFS scenarios and volumes from other AP's, so that's kind of what I'm looking at, as well as more generic source material (similar to Player Companion or Campaign Setting books) that I can use to further flesh out Golarion-based campaigns.

So far I've purchased the Slumbering Tsar Saga (which I didn't especially care for) and the seven books that make up Way of the Wicked (really enjoyed that one). What else out there comes particularly highly recommended?

At the moment, I'd suggest diving into the Legendary Planet Adventure Path, starting with The Assimilation Strain. If Vikings are your thing, the Northlands Saga Complete is an an outstandingly thematic campaign, and also worth a good look.

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I'm going to recommend you look over Endzeitgeist's reviews of 3rd party materials. Everyone is a bit biased on their personal preference- he's a pretty solid centerline voice though.

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As far as 3rd-party adventures go, the only one I've purchased is Sword of Air, by FGG. I haven't had much chance to really dig into it yet, it's mind-bogglingly huge and in-depth. It's gotten really good reviews though, particularly by Mr. Endzeitgeist. However, I'd say the single most revolutionary 3pp product you can get is Spheres of Power, by Drop Dead Studios. It, in my humble opinion, makes magic so much more interesting, flavorful, balanced, and fun.

Dreamscarred Press. they have an adventure path in progress (3 of 6 released so far) called From the Deep. they also have an introductory adventure called the Opened Mind.

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Scott_UAT wrote:
I'm going to recommend you look over Endzeitgeist's reviews of 3rd party materials. Everyone is a bit biased on their personal preference- he's a pretty solid centerline voice though.

A thousand times this!

You can't go wrong with Endzeitgeist's reviews. In fact, he recently released his "Best of 2015" list!

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Advanced Bestiary from Green Ronin.

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Reading what you are asking for, I would humbly suggest Coliseum Morpheuon.

You might also check through the offerings of Adventure-A-Week and see if any of their modules will fill a void you are looking for.

As far as fleshing out material, it would be more helpful to know what kind of fleshing out you want. There are a number of different books that can be used to add flavor, encounters, change monsters up (and yes Advanced Bestiary should be one of the first books anyone designing their own monsters buys.

Going with the reviews, of that length I can remember the northland saga, rise of the drows, cyclopean deeps, way of the wicked and the zeitgeist AP.

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I have been looking at 3rd party stuff since Pathfinder came out. I am a big fan of Frog God Games (Rappan Ahtuk, Sword of Air, The Lost City of Barakus, Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms and many more), their work is epic, and their world a huge sandbox. AAW has some things I have been interested in, but I am not a member of their website. Legendary Games seems to have some good material. Kolbold Press has a lot of good materials. Raging Swan has a lot of good material to flesh out your campaign.

I have not explored much beyond these companies but I would throw in another vote for the Advanced Bestiary.

I would've recommended the Advanced Bestiary, but the OP seems to be looking for adventures more than anything else. XD It is, however, an outstanding supplement on the whole.

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In my experience, anything from Four Dollar Dungeons is a slam dunk for adventure modules.

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