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Anyone have any advice for posting to the GM Guild?

Especially for first time (wannabe) publishers?

Thanks! :-D

How do I get a legal cover image for my product?

bookrat wrote:
How do I get a legal cover image for my product?

I just made my own. I took stock textures and fiddled with them in Photoshop. You could draw your own if you wish, or use one of the images provided by WotC in the DMs Guild site itself.

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Use a clear layout and font people can read.
Have someone edit your words.
Allow a preview of the first few pages so folks know what to expect.
Write something you have a passion for, not what you think the site 'needs'.
Have someone edit your words.
Don't use heavy graphics to suck ink unless you also provide a printer-friendly version.
And most importantly, have someone edit your words.


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Go with a template, either the one they provide, or one that you might have made for yourself.

The name of the product should say what it is. For instance, if you have feats, say that. If you have a variety of player options, at least mention it. Don't be too cryptic. Also, a short to medium sized title works best. Don't go overboard.

If it is an adventure, make sure that you list what level your adventure is.

And above all, make sure to properly tag your product.

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Thanks guys! I put my product up! It's free. :)

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Um..... would one of the tips be to call it DM Guild instead of GM Guild?


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Hey, I was pulling for DUMAGU

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One bit of advice: unless you are using the Realms or Ravenloft setting, my advice would be to publish on DriveThruRPG, Paizo, Open Gaming Store, and Tabletop Library under the OGL.

You preserve your ability to use your book elsewhere (like in print, or in non-DMs Guild releases like adventure), and you get a much higher royalty than DM's Guild offers.

For free cover art.... Dover Press is your friend. You could also commission new art from an artist just starting in their career; check DeviantArt for artist galleries.

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