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The Magic Beans thread got me thinking about asking the forum for help with my deck of many things. In total there are 200 cards, and the direction they are drawn matters (of 4 possible directions). A few cards have different effects based on the next card drawn, and the end result is about 1600 effects. The goal is to keep the deck far more random than the current few designs.

So, if you could design card effects for the Deck of Many Things, what would you design? Feel free to add in as many entries as you wish.

Try to go more toward Harrow effects, and less the extremely simple effects from the standard deck.

Prismatic Deck Of Many Things:
There are 200 cards in total
15 each of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, White, Grey, Black
42 Trump cards, each unique
4 Jokers
4 Prismatic cards, Spray, Wall, Sphere, Dragon, each depends on which color, Trump, Joker, or Prismatic card is drawn next

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