Theorycrafting: Mutagen + Stigmata + ...


Hey, all!

I've been toying with a build for a while. The idea is to do a lot of self-buffing without much actual spellcasting, while retaining as much BAB as possible. I was originally thinking of something like

Brawler (Mutagenic Mauler) 6/Cleric 1/Holy Vindicator X

This would give me a straight strength buff from mutagen, the potential for any number of useful domain powers (this character was originally conceived as an herbalist due to backstory--which I am absolutely willing to expatiate on if you like--which kind of drew me toward Plant (Growth)), and then Holy Vindicator for scaling stigmata to apply to damage, a few spells, nice defenses, BAB, etc.

All was well in the world. Then the Metamorph alchemist came out and I thought of taking this in another direction. Monstrous physique looks fun, and I think something like an alchemist X/cleric Y/HV could work.

Thus, I am now wondering what the best martial dip for mutagen would be. I haven't even mentioned Fighter (Mutation Warrior), but maybe someone can convince me that it's awesome :). Also, mild rules question: it seems like the duration of mutagen granted from different classes should stack; how do others read the rules?

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