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So, it seems to me like the forums are getting awfully heavy currently, so I figured it might be good to put some of that energy towards a more creative purpose. So, anyone got any good ideas for things they'd like to see in a scenario, or ideas for scenarios?

After how popular J. Dacilane seemed to be (at least, I thought she was a pretty cool NPC) I'd like to see a 1-5 scenario where the PC's assist her with her Confirmation.

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In Pharasma's Boneyard

A special scenario, tier 1-5, for dead characters who died when they were too low level to afford a raise dead. Maybe with a certain famous dead character from Season 7 as the VC? You have to travel through the lands of the dead, fight things in the spirit world to save a living Pathfinder party.

If you succeed, you get a special boon to bring your character back to the living.


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Hmm wrote:

In Pharasma's Boneyard

A special scenario, tier 1-5, for dead characters who died when they were too low level to afford a raise dead. Maybe with a certain famous dead character from Season 7 as the VC? You have to travel through the lands of the dead, fight things in the spirit world to save a living Pathfinder party.

If you succeed, you get a special boon to bring your character back to the living.


With or without the Boon I think that sounds like a lot of fun! Though I'm fairly certain the special circumstances of that NPC's death might prevent him from being involved in that scenario.

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The Wheel of Fate Working Title, if it takes another scenario's name can be renamed

A one-time play scenario for levels 1-2 wherein the characters are forcefully confronted with the drawbacks of their race, and are forced to defend them if they choose.

Successful completion of the scenario allows the player to race-change one character to any race that's been offered via a 'single' boon. (Aasimar, Ifrit, Oread, Ratfolk, Sylph, Tiefling, Tengu, Undine, etc.)

Shadow Lodge 4/5

A while back I wrote a series of Lovecraft inspired one-shots, meant to simultaneously introduce a group of mostly PFS players to some of the stranger aspects of Golarion lore, as well as explore some ideas and themes that, in my opinion, don't get enough attention during normal PFS play. Due to group constraints, I only ended up running the First and Third of these, but here they are anyway.

The first, second, and third sessions were all meant to take place at the same time, providing three different perspectives on the same operation.

The Coldtown Coverup A scenario designed for levels 1-5
Something unusual is going on in the sleepy Chelish village of Coldtown. Unseen beasts snatch livestock in the night, strange visions plague the townsfolk, and rumors of shambling horrors have driven the town to the brink of madness. A group of Society researchers believe they have found the source of the town's woes, but need more time to complete their investigation. It's up to the PCs to stem the news of the strange occurrences and coverup the Society's involvement.

Why I wrote this:
I've always been a fan of X-Files-type conspiracy stuff, and one of the things that I noticed is that, despite the large number of investigative missions, there aren't any missions showing the other side. The Society certainly has its fair share of secrets, so why haven't we seen them? That's what I attempted to rectify, this session is an anti-investigation, your goal is to spread rumors, destroy evidence, silence witnesses, etc. All while trying to keep a low profile, and delay the Chelish government's intervention as long as possible.

The Fulvous Fugitive A scenario designed for levels 3-7
Something is loose in the forests around Coldtown. Something ancient and evil, something that's been taking people in the night. While their comrades work to coverup the Society's involvement, the PCs are sent into the deep forests to track down the creature and destroy it, before it can complete its horrific work.

Why I wrote this:
While there are plenty of wilderness adventures in PFS, there aren't any that (I feel) truly capture the horror of being trapped with something that hates you. I (tried) to change that, the creature is intelligent, elusive, and completely aware of the PCs. By the end they should be questioning who is hunting who.

The Void Engine A scenario designed for levels 5-9
A mysterious cylinder has appeared less than a day's ride from Coldtown, turning the surrounding area into a blasted waste land. A Pathfinder team is sent to investigate, discovering a horde of monsters from beyond reality, and technology rivaling that of the Technic league. When several members of the team go missing exploring the cylinder, the PCs are sent in to discover what happened to the team, the true nature of the object, and, hopefully, a way to stem the tide of extra-dimensional horrors before they consume Coldtown.

Why I wrote this:
This was my group's introduction to the technology rules prior to the start of Season 6, and was really my attempt at integrating Sci-Fi concepts into a fantasy setting. While this one innovated the least, I think it's the one I'm most proud of. After I ran this for the first time, one of my players described it as "an intelligent dungeon crawl" and, I honestly can't think of a better description for what I was trying to do. I wanted to replicate the claustrophobia and danger of a traditional dungeon crawl, but intersperse the fights with RP sections meant to make the players less and less certain, and more and more uneasy about the situation they've gotten into.

Fire and Void A scenario designed for levels 7-11
Even though the cylinder is gone, the rift it created still remains. Hordes of monsters from beyond reality continue to spill out, threatening to destroy everything in their path. Desperate and running out of both time and options, the Society sends a team of their best and brightest through the rift, into the darkness between stars. Hopefully the PCs can find a way to seal the rift, and escape with their lives and sanity.

Why I wrote this:
This one never actually ran, and is mostly just a collection of stat blocks and map notes shoved into a word file. It was meant to act as kind of victory lap for the party, while the first three sessions all focused on making the party feel scared, out matched, and out of their depth, this one was intended to evoke the same feelings, before giving way to jubilation as the party overcomes their enemy.

The Exchange 3/5

I wrote a quest recently for a place I really want to visit more. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it or not so I won't for now.

I wouldn't mind seeing the Eye of Abendego in an adventure. High seas, an endless hurricane, pirates, maybe even the Storm Kindlers.

I also would be interested in an adventure to Olfden in the Darkmoon Vale to see Venture Captain Luna Aldred. My Eldritch Knight trained under her (shes 13th level!!) and it be exciting to get to meet such a veteran VC. There is plenty of room for werewolves and skin-walkers in a Darkmoon Vale scenario.

The Mordant Spire would be a very interesting region to see more of an inhabited Azlanti ruin. The elves don't take too kindly to outsiders though.

The Exchange 3/5

Nooooo my post timed out. Welp here goes my dropped quest idea again.

Cheliax Mining Wizards (Tier 8-9):

So I wanted to design a quest to show off Emergency Force Sphere as well as Cornugon Smash since they both used the same source and I was trying to get my moneys worth out of the design. I also wanted to play around with some APG and ACG options. The quest was designed to be difficult and deadly; an adventure I would enjoy myself and hope like-minded people could also appreciate even if it wasn't ultimately popular with the majority.

The Pathfinders are called in to meet with VC Varian Jeggare in Egorian, Cheliax. He has called you in on a favor to a local mining company run by a wizard partnership. They are famous for their diamonds (what else would wizards be looking for?) and Jeggare sees potential in the opportunity to aid them. One partner has been away for longer than expected but the other partner is busy running the business in the city. He sends the team to investigate.

The partner had actually given in to the temptations of a pair of succubus. I didn't think it that unlikely that a man from Cheliax could be persuaded to indulge in his desires. I hadn't finished his stat block and wasn't sure if I wanted to make him a Demoniac though.

His tactics would have been built around using Cloudkill and other conjuration spells to suppress the PCs while the succubi engaged the party directly. They are immune to the poison of Cloudkill and can see through fog using Fiery gaze. Their very rough draft stat blocks (didn't modify base feats yet only class levels etc) are as follows:

CR9 Antipaladin Succubus 10050g APG

1 Power Attack
3 Cornugon Smash (cheliax empire of devils)
5 Blind Fight

+1 Falchion 2375
+1 full plate 2650
+1 ring of protection 2000
+1 amulet of natural armor 2000
+1 Cloak of Resistance 1000

STR 13+4
DEX 17+0
CON 20+2
INT 18-2
WIS 14+2
CHR 27+5

saves 23+1, 21+1, 26+1
bab 8+5

CR9 Young Flame Dancer Succubus 10050g ACG

1 Point Blank shot
3 Precise shot
5 rapid shot
7 many shot

+1 Composite Longbow(2) 2600

STR 9+5
DEX 21+4
CON 16+2
INT 18-2
WIS 14+2
CHR 27+0
small, -2 NA, -1 damage step

saves 8, 18, 16
bab 8+5

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