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I am building an archer that harm channels (daze) as a move action, cast divine favor (standard action) and boost his AC +4 (swift) the first round. Afterwards he focuses his attention on attacking dazed/intimidated foe.

Looking for suggestion on improving the build (equipment, feats, etc...)

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral
Traits: Sacred Conduit, Fate’s Favored
Class (Archetype): Monk (Zen Archer) 4 / Cleric (Pilgrim) 9
Favorite Class Ability: +1 Skill Points or Hitpoint

Stats (20pt): Str (12), Dex (14), Con (10), Int (7), Wis (17), Cha (16) – Add level stats to Wis at all levels.

Monk Favor – Well he is a Zen Archer, so…

C1) Selective Channeling, Improved Channel, Deity Abadar, Domains: Luck (Bit of Luck) & Travel, (Agile Feet), Channel (1d3), Fortunate Road, Caravan Bond (Su), Variant Channel (Rulership / Harm)
C3) Deadly Aim, Channel (2d3)
M4) Point Blank Shot
M5) Quick Channel, Precise Shot
M7) Shatter Resolve
C9) Clustered Shots, Channel (3d3)
C11) Extra Channel, Channel (4d3)
C13) Whatever, Channel (5d3)

13th level: Daze DC (22); Flurry Attack +8FA +7Wis +5DF +3WE -3DA +1Bracers +1Weapon Focus +1PBS = +22(ki) / +22 / +22 / +17 / +12. Perfect Strike will help accuracy. Goes after dazed and/or shaken enemies with compromised AC. Could also Dazzling Display shaken enemies.

7th level: Daze DC (17); Flurry Attack +13(ki) / +13 / +13 / +8.

4th level: Daze DC (17); Flurry Attack +9(ki) / +9/ +9

3rd level: Daze DC (16); Does not attack with a bow.

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