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Hi all,

This FAQ means a Cure is set aside until the power is resolved. In application, that means the cured cards are shuffled in, and if the Cure's check to recharge is successful, the Cure is recharged. That's my group's current understanding.

What happens if Seelah has zero cards in discard, plays Blessing of Iomedae, and reveals Armor of the Pious? Does the Blessing of Iomedae effect resolve first, and the blessing itself is in the discard now before you reveal the armor, or is the blessing set aside and interrupted by the instantaneous reveal effect of the armor - so the armor would see no cards in the discard to heal? Unfortunately, I don't have Armor of the Pious in front of me to quote card text.


Next, let's say Seelah has an ally and another card in her discard pile. She plays Blessing of Iomedae and activates:

□ When you play a blessing that has the Iomedae trait, a character at your location may shuffle an ally in their discard pile into his deck.

At this point, there are two powers triggered by playing the blessing, which means Seelah can pick the order they happen in, right? In play, that'd mean she can guarantee a recharge of both cards by resolving the ally recharge first, and then revealing Armor of the Pious.

Thank you all for the help.

For reference, Armor of the Pious reads:

"When you play a blessing that has the Iomodae trait, reveal this card to allow a character at your location to recharge a random card from his discard pile."

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You only set aside cards for that FAQ if it where it will end up is ambiguous at the point of playing it (e.g. you need to do a check to see where it'll go). For Blessing of Iomedae, you will know at the point of playing it whether you are discarding or recharging it, so you simply do that thing right away. If the top card of the blessings discard is not a Blessing of Iomedae (e.g. you discarded the blessing), Armor of the Pious can indeed recharge that blessing if you select yourself.

For Armor of the Pious interacting with Seelah's power, they both happen at the same time and the rulebook tells you to pick the order in that case. So you can pick Seelah's power first before doing the armor power.

A point of confusion I think you're having is that both Seelah's power as well as Armor of the Pious do not interrupt the effects of Blessing of Iomedae. PACG does not have a stack like MtG, and cards are resolved in sequential order. You perform all the relevant text on the Blessing first (including recharging it if it matches the top card of the blessings discard) before you begin to process any "When you play a blessing" powers.

Thanks skizzers. Generally, we have discussion in our group before we come to the boards, so I was posting both perspectives in case it jogs some thought in other people. Thanks for the input.

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