Eidolon Max Attacks and bonus attacks.

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If an Eidolon is under the effect of something that it grants it an extra attack, such as Haste, is it still subject to the number listed in the Max Attacks column.

For example, consider an Eidolon for a 5th level summoner. It has a gore, a bite, and two claw attacks. The Max Attacks column limits it to these 4. After being affected by Haste, can it make 5 attacks or just 4?

Also, how exactly do manufactured weapon attacks come into play. I know that they're counted against the limit, but what if you don't plan on using a weapon.

Using the previous example, I could be wielding a longsword in one hand and have my claw attacks on my feet. That would allow me to make 5 attacks per round. Obviously, this isn't allowed. But am I allowed to select all of those evolutions (claw, bite, gore) with the promise that I will be using only those 4 attacks?

Haste grants you 1 extra attack at full BAB on a full attack, regardless of weapon or natural attack.

Weapon attacks do not count against Max attack rating for the Eidolon. That number is for natural attacks only. However the Eidolon had to have the ability to use a weapon. (Arms, etc)

Manufactured weapon attacks do count against Max Attacks for Unchained Eidolon.

"Kali build bad, me fix! *changes something* hurr durr job's done!" *sigh*.

Nobody knows if an empty, non-clawed hand not currently holding a weapon counts against the maximum. I would assume not, and use the #maxattacks as an always-active cap on the number of attack by Eidolon can make by virtue of its limb configuration. Attacks of Opportunity and haste attacks still don't interact with that number, IMO.

Haste provides an extra attack magically. There's probably no ruling on this, but the only sensible readings is that the limit relates to magical attacks you normal have; and you are only using one of the limited attacks you have again because haste.

As for the evolutions, yes. You can build the Eidolon to have as many attacks as you like but it is capped, not including haste, weapon, or AoO, at its Max Natural Attack number. I do not know about the Unchained rules, this applies to the other, first, regular, not unchained, whatever version.

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