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My DM and I are brainstorming a custom spirit for the radiance house occultist. The basic characteristics of the spirit are that she's greedy (wants it all, not just money, but also fame, love, etc...), she's manipulative, socially skilled and a telekinetic.

Where I had come up with telekinetic abilities or ones flavored like that, my DM feels like he'd like the other aspect of her personality to show in her Major ability. The manipulative, socially skilled and greedy bit.

Anyways, he didn't seem to have any ideas on what he wanted at the time, and since I was more going the other way, I'm not sure what to do that'd be interesting. That'd be unique.

For those that don't know, after major abilities are used, they have a 5 round cool down time. They are usually supernatural in nature, but a few do use spell-like abilities.

I'm trying to avoid using standard spells in place of abilities. So, avoiding things like suggestion, command, dominate person, etc...

Any ideas or suggestions on cool, unique abilities that might fit this kind of being?

How about an ability that negates/lessens ability damage/drain with an added save?

"As the black ray of the Enervation spell tugged at her life force, (insert name here)'s smile twisted to into a snarl of rage. 'Everything that's mine is mine forever, and that includes ME!!!!' The Enervation spell failed as millions of spectral grasping hands pulled it apart and vanished back into (insert name here)'s body."

It makes sense, that greed should include keeping what she has, including her health.

Or a bonus on Will saves against mind-affecting effects or Possession.

"Zraalter hissed his approval as the SHadow Demon moved to take over the body of this creature so unworthy of her beauty. As he moved through her mind, he was confronted by a voice from all sides. 'I am me and mine is mine! Get out or gimme!!!' For the first time in his centuries of existence, Zraalter's attempt to take a body had failed. As he was forced out, he felt a ripping at his very being, and when he faced his former host, he felt diminished while she looked stronger than before."

If possessed, she could get a bonus on the Will save. If she succeeds, then she could bestow a negative level or other status condition on the possessor and gain a bonus from doing so.

What do you think? Does this work for your idea?

They are definitely very interesting. The bonus to saves against mind-affecting and/or possessions is quite good especially. I might offer that as a suggestion for a minor ability for the spirit (since those tend to have the occasional static bonuses).

The idea of using the major defensively like the first ability you suggest is quite interesting as well. I'll have to talk it over with my DM when next I can and see what he thinks. If anything its a solid starting point.

I could even see a sort of spell absorption ability with a counterspell auto included, with this in mind. Instead of gaining spells (which the class doesn't technically have) maybe they get a certain set of temp hit points or something like that. Sort of a, "MINE!" moment when a spell nears the body she's inhabiting.

Very interesting indeed. Thanks!

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