unable to place order but bank history shows I have already paid

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hi~I have ordered 3 items and after I click 'place your order' and input the vcc number, it will just jump back to the previous page. No order history and no email, but my chase account has paid 3 times 110 dollars(because it doesn't respond so I click 3 times). so,why?
Thank you.

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I am sure customer service will give you details about your transaction when they are in the office again. In the meantime, this FAQ might be helpful for you.

I hope you can get what you want soon.

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Hello AtlasYF,

Your card is being declined due to failing the address verification system. Usually this happens when the billing address attached to the card does not match up with what the bank has on file. The link that Hawkmoon269 provided has some information on what is happening. Each time you tried to submit the order the bank got pinged to make sure the card was valid. When this happens most banks will put a temporary hold on the funds which can look like a pending transaction on your end. These authorizations cannot be finalized because the card was declined. If not finalized authorizations will expire and the holds will be released. How long this takes is entirely up to the bank and not something we can control. I have issued authorization reversal requests which let the bank know we cannot finalize the authorizations. This may help them disappear faster, but again, how long it will take is up to the bank.

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