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In a recent thread someone mentioned an item called Akitonian Blade. This magic weapon lets you triple your acrobatics check to determine how far you can jump. Does this include high jumps, or only long jumps?

If it said "high," I'd say high jumps, but because it says "far," I'm inclined to say long jumps.

that's what i was thinking, but i wanted to double check...

is Akitonian Blade a unique weapon, or is it something you can add to any weapon?

it is a unique weapon
EDIT: but I'm sure if you have a loving DM and ask nicely, it is grounds to home brew an enchantment of similar abilities...

EDIT2.0: you probably already did this, but removing the cost of the +1 bill it leaves you with 6,000 for the jump increase and falling damage decrease... which seems a little low but idk

EDIT3.0: I might have done that wrong, i was taking the buying price instead of the crafting price... that would make the enchantment 2,000... and I was thinking 6,000 gp was low -_-

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"Farness" is simply a general term for a great distance, nothing specifically about horizontal movement. It helps to think of expressions like, "Look how far he jumped!" as a ninja leaps onto the roof of a skyscraper or something. Beyond a preconception that far means horizontal, I don't see a reason why the Akitonian Blade wouldn't apply to high jumps.

I say it's all jumps.

I agree, "far" denotes distance but doesn't specify horizontal or vertical. It should apply on all acrobatics checks made to jump.

If words like high or long were used that would be a different story.

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