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I'm getting ready to GM a PFS scenario for the first time. I was wondering if there was a consolidated list anywhere of the scenarios that make use of Paizo flip-mats or map packs. I have a number of these and would love to use them if I could.

I can't find any mention in the scenario descriptions (you'd think Paizo would include a link to materials you could buy to use in the scenario). Is there anywhere that lists out the available flip mats and map packs for every scenario? If not, can anyone recommend a well-reviewed scenario that uses flip mats/map packs?

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Here are two links that might help you out:

Post from Auke

List from Kirstov

Scarab Sages ** Venture-Agent, Oregon—Portland aka TomParker

Perfect. Thanks so much.

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TomParker wrote:
Perfect. Thanks so much.

When I get time, I hope to update that list, and include one the opposite direction (to see based on the scenario what maps it uses) I may end up just moving it to a google spreadsheet so that you can sort by column

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Earl, check out the second tab of the spreadsheet, Maps by Scenario.

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