Wishing for Inner Sea regions hardbacks

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Would be to see a region guide with some meat in it, instead of the 69 page magazine. A 200+ page guide with details on climate,flora, fuana, etc would be great. And maps on major cities and locales with with complete info on major personalities. I know some regions have some of that info already out in APs. Which means all that could just be compiled into one book. Just wanting more fluff for regions lol

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I would pay good cash money for something like this for several different regions.

Yeah I would too for several regions.

What would other people like to see in hardback region guides? I for one would like to see region specific archetypes, how certain skills would be used there, and maybe what the goals of some the fanctions would be.

I would love to see this as well. I have fond memories of the Forgotten Realms region books, even for the regions that didn't really interest me, they really added a lot of depth to those places on multiple levels.
I never used it but I really loved seeing the most important import and export products of a region. Maybe I'll use it this time!
I would like to see more of the flora and, specifically, fauna, too. Especially the 'everyday' creatures like pets, livestock and beasts of burden. You can tell a lot about a culture by the animals it uses, for what purpose and how they're treated. Of course, they need not be animals in pathfinder.
I'd like to know about the local quisine, clothing, architecture and celebrations and rituals and the little things that come with it, like whether they eat with their hands or leave their shoes outside, their versions of 'signing the cross'. I want to know about sayings and idioms. Really, I want to know a lot. I want to learn the things you usually go on a cultural vacation for and the things you learn because you've been there that you otherwise wouldn't. Did you know that you eat your food with your right hand in India because the other is used for wiping your ass? Thats the kind of thing I'd think is fun to know.

Of course, I realize that I'm asking for a lot. I can dream!

Actually that's the kind of things I am wanting too. Maybe not so in depth, but definitely most of it. Each region is its own culture. What idioms do Kellids from Numeria use that are different then Kellids in Mendev. What things has Thuvia that is different from Osirion. And if not a hardback a very thick softcover, like 160-200 pages.

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