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Legendary Influence wrote:

Legendary Influence Each legend grants you more of its power in return for greater influence.

Prerequisite: Lesser spirit power.
Benefit: Immediately select one feat (other than an item creation feat) for each spirit you can channel. Whenever you perform a seance to channel a spirit, you can allow the spirit to gain 1 point of influence over you to gain access to that spirit’s Legendary Influence feat for as long as you channel that spirit. You can use this bonus feat as a prerequisite for any feats granted by a spirit power (such as the champion’s legendary champion ability), but not for any other feats.

Say I'm a medium without martial weapons, can I use this feat to grab something like Weapon Focus on a martial weapon for the champoin spirit, or Extra Channel for the hierophant if I'm a level 7 medium?

In other words, when I grab this feat can I grab a feat for a spirit if I meet the prerequisites when I channel that spirit but not normally?

yes. because when you channel the spirit is when you are getting the feat so you'd have the required abilities.

Also, because I'd let them qualify for the extra channel feat as a normal feat if they wanted to pick it up as a normal feat there's no problem getting it.

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