Valley of the Children [Encounter]

Wrath of the Righteous

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This is a little encounter/adventure primer that I've been playing with for a bit. It's not fuller detailed, but I figured I'd share it nonetheless...and I won't lie the idea is based on the Marvel's Animation: "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow"

This encounter assume the least favorable ending of the AP, but could easily be modified and transposed in other AP/Home setting.

The War was lost the Demon hordes were devastating the land. In [Insert Nation] all hope were lost. in the last day of the invasion, Lord Stephanas Breghnovic,s keep was preparing for a finale futile battle. Brenar Tereviel, the half-elven Court Bard had a different idea. He quietly took the Lord's three children, infants really and fled the keep through a secret passage.

For month's he ran, trying to keep ahead of the horde, sinigng, stealing and foraging to stay alive. The man's heart was pretty big and he took along the way a few more orphan children. Eventually he found a shelter for all othe them. A small cave system that lead to a bigger cave/sunken valley. There he was able to create a safe haven for the kids, leaving them in the care of the cave's guardians as he would go out and hunt and occasional bring back another rescued child.

The Cave/Valley
The Cave is a karst formation where the rooftop had collapsed creating a fairly big sunken valley. Over the years a small "forest" has grown in the central -opened- area. This forest is the home of the cave's guardians, a trio of treant whose combine weight was partially responsable for the collapse.

The Entrance also has a small shreicker colony which is used as an early alart system as well as a good way to make sure no kids wander offer.

Brenar himself protects the Valley. He's a 5th level Bard (Court Archetype)/10th level Hunter (Packmaster archetype) with a pack of boars: Grunt (5th level companion), Trusker and Slasher (a bair of 2nd level companion) and Squealer (a 1st level companion). Brenar has become very harden and gruff over the year, his only goal is to protect the kids at all cost.

(I might adde a few more guardians (maybe fey or just natural animals/plants)

The valley is currently home to 10 kids. Two preteens, 5 kids and 3 infants. There are 6 humans, 2 half-elves, 1 halflings and 1 tiefling. (The exact age and which kid is how old is left to the DM discretion).

How to use the Valley
As an encounter, the PC could stumble onto the secret valley (preferable if they are wounded or being chased by Demons or whatever) eitherway, this presents a threat to the valley and the children in it. What will the PC do? Will Brenar allow them ot leave and risk exposing the kids to further threat in the future?

As an Adventure primer, make the kids a bit older and have them start an adventuring career after their sheltered life. Classwise maybe limit them to: Barbarian/Bloodrager, sorcerer, bard, druid, Ranger, Hunter and fighter as those are more natural/intuitive/logical with the enviroment in which they were raised. A DM could play around with different races too.

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