The Taunt Feat and the Intimidating Glare Rage Power

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How do these two things work together if at all?
It would 'seem' that they should but the wording is not particularly clear one way or the other.. is there an official ruling on this?

Building a Gnome Spirit Totem Barbarian and wondering if this belongs in his arsenal. It seems like it should be, based on the configuration of things... but.. Taunt is of relatively limited (to no) usefulness otherwise.

You can't use 'Bluff' while raging... unless you have a way around that.
There's a trait that lets you do it.. but that trait isn't legal in PFS.

I'm just not really sure how to make this concept work.

Technically you cannot use them together, as Intimidating Glare specifies "an Intimidate check" rather than "an attempt to demoralize" and Taunt only subs in Bluff for the latter. Outside PFS some GMs might allow it to work, but PFS is stuck with strict RAW, so you're probably screwed. (And that's w/o even factoring in that, as you said, you can't use Bluff while raging.) I'd leave Taunt for your non-barbarian relatives.

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Honestly.. my non-barbarian relatives have much better things to do with their time than demoralize things... well.. unless they could taunt and then cast phantasmal killer on the sad target... even so... hrm... actually.. that wouldn't really be all that bad a trick... still the whole taunting/tantrum barbarian 'looks' like it's viable from the feats available.. but really seems to be kinda broken in the reality of the feat wording.
Kinda sucks.

I think barbarians are supposed to use come and get me for that image, but it's not available til 12th level.

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There are a number of gnome barbarian feats that really don't go anywhere as far as their usefulness goes.

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