About poltergeists, are their 'held' items invisible too?

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Team encounters a poltergeist, who throws small objects at them from above. The objects, atm, are mentioned as floating in the air.

1) Are those objects actually held within the poltergeist's own square?

2) If so, are the objects supposed to be visible?
As invisibility cast on someone causes his carried and equipped items to be invisible too.

This is for their purpose of them targeting the invisible spirit with attacks, if they can see them float in mid air.

Thanks in advance.


AFAIK poltergeists don't 'hold' the items they're attacking with, they just use telekinesis like the spell. As long as the object is in range and fits their weight restrictions they can shoot it at people. There's certainly no reason an object being manipulated via telekinesis would have to be in the poltergeist's space.

The party in my own campaign will encounter four poltergeists in tonight's session, so I have been wondering about the targeting problem myself. The party consists of fifth-level adventurers without a divine caster. The skald can cast Glitterdust three times a day.

1) The poltergeists have natural invisibility.
2) They are incorporeal.
3) They fly.
4) Their attack is by telekinesis, which has a range of 520 feet for them. The telekinesis is listed as supernatural rather than spell-like, so it has no verbal component.
5) Though they have Intelligence only 5, they have been defeated many times in the past, only to return by their Rejuvenation ability. Trial and error will have taught them which tactics work.

In theory, the poltergeist can float 100 feet away and toss objects at the party with no risk to itself.

The factors that could give away their location long enough to be targeted by Glitterdust are:
1) Their Frightener ability makes them visible temporarily.
2) They can talk, and might choose to make a sound. Maybe as angry spirits they want to rant.
3) Their telekinesis should be detectable by Detect Magic; however, Detect Magic takes three rounds to pinpoint the magic.
4) The encounter will be in a place called Valley of the Mists and visibility is limited to 5 feet. The poltergeists' only sense beyond human senses is darkvision, which does not see through mists. They will have to remain close to see the party.

Thus, my tactics for the poltergeists is that one will position itself where the entire party can see it and use its Frightener ability. If the skald saves, she will Glitterdust it and combat will ensue. The other three poltergeists will attack invisibly and silently by telekinesis while floating 5 feet above the ground, but might try Frightening when the party members who failed their will save return. Each poltergeist after Frightening will rant about its unfair death, giving an audible clue to its position that will require Perception roll DC 20 to locate the square, or DC 15 to locate within 10 feet accuracy.

I probably have been overthinking this encounter. :-)

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