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Okay, I've settled on my Campaign revolving around the Party being in a race to stop a Villain from acquiring a set of Magical Armor and weapon that would give the villain great power, and the authority to claim rulership of a struggling Empire. The Artifacts I was considering are:

The Emperor's Crown (Helmet)
The Emperor's Armor (Breastplate)
The Emperor's Greaves (Boots)
The Emperor's Grasp (Gauntlets)
The Emperor's Sword (Longsword)

I'm considering replacing the Gauntlets with a Ring. Now, the question I'm wondering is what kind of magical enhancements to give those items, and whether or not to make them Intelligent. I intend to have the items jump hands during the campaign; sometimes in the villain's hands, sometimes in the heroes' hands, sometimes in the hands of a third party. The end goal for the armor set is to make the wearer a powerful, charismatic, nearly unkillable warrior king.

I'm also considering at least one of the Items would be Intelligent, seeking to restore the Empire, and not caring what it has to do to accomplish this goal.

Any advice, everyone?

An emperor is supposed to have underlings. Perhaps have the crown give the ability to let a willing creature within LoS take the damage you were about to take (perhaps as an immediate action, if doing it all the time is too strong).

It would be the helm, or possibly the sword, as the intelligent one.

Here's some fun toys, adjust with your ideal campaign level in mind.

Helm: Non-Detection, reroll failed will saves, message at will, dream at will, detect thoughts at will.

Chest: Immune to Crit/precision damage, DR 10/-.

Boots: +30 move speed, immune to hazardous and difficult terrain, constant pass without trace.

Gauntlets: +20 to sunder checks made bare handed, things held securely in hands have no weight (size gargantuan limit), gloves of storing.

Sword: Everythingbane, vorpal, keen.

Any two, add: Freedom of motion, undetectable alignment.

Any three, add: dimension door at will, +4 inherent bonus to all ability scores.

Any four: Detect thoughts no longer allows will saves or SR, Suggestion at will. Ability score bonus increases to +6.

All five: Regeneration 10/-, immunity to death effects, you do not age. Ability score bonus increases to +10.

Now you have 5 powerful artifacts which probably wouldn't be a real game changer in taking over a country, but which when brought together are easily a nigh-unstoppable force. Requiring a long Atunement process (1 week/month/year of wearing multiple items to get the set bonuses) can help prevent the players (or enemies) from becoming extremely OP Nasty without your permission.

If this isn't your bag of tea, you'll want to leave more details (setting relevant details, power level, levels the campaign will play over) for our next attempt.

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Well, the setting is a very Europe-based setting (a la Theah of 7th Sea), with the Imperial Armor being a relic of a Charlemagne-like Emperor.

But these are a good place to start with, thanks!

No problem, I hope it helps. The only thing I realized is that part of the "any 4" bonus improves the effect of the helm. If you have all 4 of the *other* items, and are missing the helm, you'd be losing out on that. Considering how powerful this all is, that's not really anything I'd be stressed about.

"Oh no! You only got suggestion at will and yet another +2 to every score! Poor you." Lol

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