Bookwyrm Mini-Con, April 16-17, Fresno CA

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For people in the Central California region (or anywhere, but it's unlikely that people will be coming from out of state to our mini-con!) :

Fresno, CA will be hosting a minicon called BookWyrm on April 16-17, in conjunction with our local public library. A number of gaming systems will be offered, including lots of indie games. We also have 12 tables of PFS scheduled, with an emphasis on offering good introductory games for first-time players and being friendly to walk-ins. But we would love more pre-committed interest, so if you're in the Central Valley and have the weekend free, please consider coming down and having a great time supporting both our local library system and gaming in the Valley. Our current PFS schedule is as follows, with full details on our Warhorn.

- PFS0-27: Our Lady of Silver - Table will fire; still open slots
- PFS1-33: Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible - Table needs a GM and more players!
- PFS5-08: The Confirmation - Table needs a GM and more players!

- PFS4-18: The Veteran's Vault - Table needs a GM and more players!
- PFS7-10: The Consortium Compact - Table needs more players!
- PFS7-15: The Deepmarket Deception - Table needs more players!

- PFS5-19: The Horn of Aroden - Table needs more players!
- PFS6-19: Test of Tar Kuata - Table is FULL! Yay!
- Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins! - Table needs more players!

- PFS1-56: The Jester's Fraud - Table will fire; one slot left
- PFS3-19: The Icebound Outpost - Table needs more players!
- Pathfinder Module: We Be Goblins Too! - Table needs more players!

Full details are in the linked Warhorn. Attendance is FREE!

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Planning on attending but I'm pretty new (humble bundle inductee). Which scenario do you recommend for new players?

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- PFS5-08: The Confirmation (Saturday 9am-1pm)

- PFS7-10: The Consortium Compact (Saturday 2am-6pm)

Are both introductory scenarios that'll teach you a lot of cool stuff about both the Pathfinder Society and Pathfinder in general.

On Sunday...

PFS5-19: The Horn of Aroden (9am-1pm)
PFS 3-19: The Icebound Outpost (9am-1pm)

Don't have the extra intro information but are designed for new characters and would be good fits.

Also both of the We Be Goblins! modules use pregenerated character, goblins specifically where you get to run around and alternate between eating everything and lighting it on fire.

Also, here's a fixed link to the Warhorn for preregistering.

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