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Wielding a lance on a mount makes the lance a one handed weapon?
Of so, a cavalier x, swashbuckler 1, can finesse a lance?

No, a lance is in the Two-Handed Melee Weapon category. It just happens to have a special property that allows you to wield it single handed while mounted though you normally could not do so but it never becomes a one-handed weapon.

If you're wielding it in one hand (even if it is normally a two-handed weapon), treat it as a one-handed weapon for the purpose of how much Strength to apply, the Power Attack damage bonus, and so on.

It'd be a one handed weapon and would be finesseable.

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Chess Pwn is mistaken. That FAQ does not apply to the lance. Here's why.

The rules for the lance state "While mounted, you can wield a lance with one hand." This is quite different from "When a feat or other special ability says to treat a weapon that is normally wielded in two hands as a one handed weapon ..." from the FAQ.

While mounted you CAN wield a lance in one hand, but it is NOT otherwise treated as a one-handed weapon. It remains a two-handed weapon in all other respects (especially Power Attack). See this part of that same FAQ

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okay, lances are always so strange in how they work.

I dont know. The Bastard Sword is listed in one handed exotic weapons but the FAQ says it is a two handed martial wich can be used in one hand with the proper training, namely EWP. As far as I know, Bastard Sword is a finessable weapon for swashbucklers, isnt it? Would'nt be the same here for the lance?

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A bastard sword is an exotic one-handed slashing weapon that can also be wielded as a two-handed martial weapon. The FAQ is telling us that without the EWP feat, the wielder MUST use the option to treat it as a two-handed martial weapon.

In either case, the bastard sword is not a piercing weapon, so Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex) does not function with it.

The lance is a two-handed weapon, even when you wield it in one hand while mounted.

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