Do you have an interconnected narrative for your characters?

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Shadow Lodge 4/5

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My -1 is Venture Captain Longspear Lux, a dual-cursed Life Oracle vexed by the spirits constantly tugging at his leg (lame) and tangling him up in combat (haunted). My -8 is his daughter, Nyssa Nox, a teenage Animist Shaman who befriended the spirits that haunt their family and now counts them as her allies. My -7 is Lux's EoTT protege, Atavisk, the musclebound shield-bashing worshipper of Rovagug who was the bouncer in Lux's bar, the Longspear, in the Coins district.

My -2 is Bruno Breakbone, a very handsome and beautiful Tetori, was once a disciplined monk who was corrupted by the temptations of Lissala (become a Tetori/Brutal Pugilist Barbarian). He eventually ended up as the Physical Education teacher at the Acadamae. My -5 is the "Fabulous" Moolah, a dirty trick Untamed Rager barbarian who is destined to be his wife. At some point, I will create a character who struggles with his father's heritage and is inherently tainted by the magic from the gifts of Lissala (most likely a bloodrager).

What are the connective narratives for your characters?

Silver Crusade

My -1 is Venture-Captain "Mash", born Reginald Bartholomew Brightsword VII. He rejected his minor noble heritage and chose to become a barbarian, instead of being the 7th generation of paladin in his family. Part of the reason he hates the family heritage so much is that he has 6 older sisters, so his dad REALLY wanted a boy to carry on the family tradition, and really put the pressure on young Reg the 7th when he was a kid.

So when I made my -2 PC, a cleric more on the lawful and good side of things, I made her one of Mash's older sisters. Thus, Sister Isabella (full name Isabella Maria Victoria Brightsword), Priestess of Sarenrae was born to PFS.

My -9 is Mash and Isabella's oldest sister, Catherine Elizabeth Cassandra Brightsword, who did carry on the family tradition and become a paladin. She goes out of her way to smite as much evil as possible to prove to daddy that a girl can be an excellent paladin. So she's very gung-ho about the killing evil, and not as enthusiastic about just helping people and being nice, without ever crossing the line into alignment/class violations.

Then there's my -8, Norowareta "Gorjo" Nagagorjo, nagaji battle oracle. He didn't know anyone when he arrived in Absalom from Tian Xia, so Mash took him under his wing. He's Mash's EOTT protege, and learned quite a bit about combat from the barbarian, though he had to look elsewhere for help with his magic.

So my joking around with a silly back story for my first PC led to making two of his six older sisters as PCs, and he got a protege after Eyes of the Ten.

But of my 20 PFS PCs, those 4 are the only ones who are directly connected at all.

Wow I read that title wrong at first!

Also, I have yet to have any such connection with my characters.


Two friends of mine and I created a trio of characters that were a sort of gang/sub-faction looking to recruit other players' characters. We eventually made a second trio within the same gang/sub-faction that were recruited by the originals.
The gang we made is all about shenanigans, and we even keep talking about doing a webcomic or something of their adventures. The idea never went anywhere due to a lack of an artist, which is probably for the best, since the plot of such a project would be the plots of a bunch of PFS scenarios, just with our characters wandering in, wrecking the plot, and then pulling a victory from the jaws of a train-wreck.

Then I have the obvious EotT VC/protege. Venture Captain Elster the Scribe, human wizard/Loremaster, who recruited an "Ifrit" sorcerer named Zaliex shortly after the events of EotT.

I have both player and GM credit for The Paths We Choose, but I haven't made recruits from the boon on those yet.

Grand Lodge

Some of my characters connect, some don't it just depends.

My protege and VC obviously link. (-1 and -13)

My Gnome Sorcerer (Illusion focused) (-5) uses a threatening image of his son (most of the time), who also happens to be a pathfinder my Tiefling Oracle/Paladin -4. (Son is now a seeker and the father is level 11)

My -2 adventures with and is brothers with my (IRL) brother's -3, both are Swashbucklers who were trained by a swordmaster in Qadira who raised them as his own, and have now taken it upon themselves to help spread trade for the Exchange. Their black-sheep older brother was also taken in and trained by the swordmaster but he left to find his own way and now does work for the Silver Crusade and has left his sword training behind to become a Paladin of Erastil and of course an archer. (Swashbucklers are about to hit level 10 this week, and the Paladin is playing in the Emerald Spire)

(I had a concept for another character that linked but I ended up going a different direction, though it may get used somewhere down the line)

Scarab Sages

None of mine link at the moment, but I have a few ideas for future characters.

My CORE Gnome Paladin of Shelyn (random race/class combo) also rolled having a twin for the random background generation, so I might make a gnome cleric of Zon-Kuthon to be the sibling. If I figure out how to make a negative energy cleric be useful, that is.

My other idea is to have my CORE Half-orc Sorcerer, played as a deposed noble of Galt, be the Social Identity of a Vigilante character in Classic. That way, almost none of the characters one of them adventures with adventure with the other, so it feels like a true Bruce Wayne/Batman thing.

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Indiana—Martinsville aka thaX

I am sooOOooo glad that you asked!!!

"Hello, my name is Grog, this is my Scythe. This is my life mate Oomph! This is my son, Oops, and my daughter, Uh-Oh."

During Grog's adventurous career, he gave away his daughter, Uh-Oh, to a copper Dragon in a failed diplomacy attempt. (He is not good at diplomatic encounters)

I have since may Uh Oh and Oops...

"Hello, I am Uh-Oh." You see a female with green skin, a nose like a pig's snout, tusks, one ears is pointed while the other is furry and flops to one side, her hands are bigger than normal and one foot is bigger than the other, making it so she needs two pair of shoes to make a match.

Did I mention that Oomph is a mongralperson?

"Salutations, my fellow pathfinders, I go by the moniker of Oops, one that is the result of a naming convention my dad did not understand at the time..."

Oops is lucky, he is an Oread.

See, my first character, Lemtwist Bratham Mallentwine Flannelfoot Smyth Olgen Jeebs Nathers Bingham the Third, has a grandfather... (Grandson?) that is, was, or will be a time mage, but isn't, wasn't or will not be very good at it. Oops ended up traveling with the Senior Gnome through times and got a very interesting education on the way, becoming interested in Orsirion history and culture while ending up being three times the age of Grog, his father. (He is going for the Living Monolith PrC)

I also have two Ifrits, one is Zyvixis, who left home to join the PFS, mainly to get away from his family, whom he vehemently disagreed with.

Now my newer Ifrit, Rastalynn, is searching the PFS for her Betrothed, Zyvixis, though the more she searches, the less she wants to find him.

Grand Lodge 5/5 Venture-Captain, Arizona—Phoenix aka TriOmegaZero

Just about all my characters know each other, or of each other. And they have a lot of relationships with my home groups characters.

My -1 is Auris Deftfoot, halfling rogue and former Cheliaxian slave. My -20 is Leena Deftfoot, halfling cleric who was 'purchased' by her brother and freed.

My -3 and -4 are aasimar and tiefling foundlings raised into the society by adoptive parents.

My -23 will be part of the Raptor Squad, a team of tengus with dino animal companions run by my wife and another friend.

My -8 and -9 are ifrit twin brothers and very similar in personality due to my having two boons and wanting to run both a fire sorcerer and flame oracle.

Silver Crusade

My tengu magus, Reiji Nakami, is the stereotypical hot-blooded shonen anime hero. He eats coffee beans like candy, which helps account for his boundless energy.

I later made Ginko Nakami, his elderly uncle who is a kind of combination of Uncle Iroh and a Pandaren from WoW. He worships Ghenshau, the god of taking it easy, and is super laid back. He makes his living as a tea critic.

My Evangelist of Iomedae, Avelina, is the niece of Queen Galfrey, and she has a HUGE crush on Iomedae. She has been working with the Pathfinder Society as a thanks for their help in the Worldwound.

Ayo is an archon-blooded aasimar and inquisitor of Shizuru (and likely descendent of Iomedae) from Tian-Xia who happens to look like a tien version of Iomedae. She is the very image of a samurai, and she follows Avelina unwaveringly. She secretly works with the Sovereign Court because Lady Gloriana promised her a noble title, and you need a title to marry a princess....

My slayer/inquisitor of Milani, Dark Arrow, is basically a combination of Nightwing and Green Arrow, and with the introduction of Ultimate Intrigue, I'm working on his protege :)

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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My -20 is Venture Captain Delaney, a rather unpleasant and fighter 9/rogue 4 Archer from our local core campaign who kept getting comments that maybe she'd lighten up if she got...a boyfriend *ahem*

Also from the Core campaign is my -27 Haywood, a Thassilonian "Love" Specialist Wizard who absolutely will put in special time with Venture Captain to get recommended for a choice assignment.
My -6 is Venture Captain Mea Culpa, the strongest wizard in the society, a dragon disciple with bard casting, 38 strength, and 6 starting intelligence. When she found herself travelling to the red place with all the red people, she picked up a funny little rat to be her wizard familiar.

My -26 is H'k, an Ysoki rat-man (ratfolk) brown-fur transmuter Arcanist from the planet Akiton who is apprenticed to the strongest wizard in the society! His master hasn't shared her spellbook with him YET, but if he gets stronger and keeps chewing this red wizard bark she gives him, he's sure he'll get a peek at it some day.

Liberty's Edge

My Main Character is my -6 Level 15 Bard/Ranger/Paladin Simon Dragonar. He rescued an NPC kid in a scenario along with my friend's character Glory Victorious.

My -4, Level 11 Druid Simon Victorious, is that kid. He is also a protege from a certain thing. The lower number is because I reserved that slot with zero games, then changed it later so I didn't have a wasted slot.

My -2, Level 12 Magus/Rogue Simon Christian, adopted two NPC children from one scenario on a certain Day. He's a native Andoran in Liberty's Edge. His best friend is my -16.

-16 is my Level 6 Mesmerist Simon Charming. He's originally a Prince from Mendev, 64,000th in line to the throne of Nerosyan, and close personal friend of Queen Galfrey. In his mind. He moved to Almas to work with Liberty's Edge.

That's mostly it! The only other thing is that my -13 Level 9 Oracle/Paladin Simon Dashing watched my -10 Level 8 Cleric Simon Crimson's cat once while he was on an adventure.

Scarab Sages 4/5

I don't have any interconnections between my characters yet. I have been toying with making a successor to my -1 (the namesake of my avatar), since he's into post Eyes of the Ten play now. Son of Thune may still rise one of these days. Probably next time I decide to make another Sorcerer.

Shadow Lodge 4/5

My -1 is a captain to my -11(who's naturally an ex-cabin boy, because sailors y'know).

Character -4's apprentice, char -16, was her minder in Tian during season 3. I haven't decided on any tryst stuff, but they assuredly duetto'ed at some point, being a bard and a skald.

Char -3 and -7 were adopted by the same noble family. Tiefling and halfling!


Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber

My -6 and -7 characters are half brothers, same father different mothers.

5/5 ⦵⦵⦵

The debonaire family. Dad didn't mom he was a kitsune. Was shocked when she had an entire litter at once. Swore if dad ever touched her again she'd *redacted* his *redacted* into *redacted* and redact him with it. So now they run a silk import business from opposite ends of the tien/taldor trade route over the north pole. Dad thinks that should be far enough to be safe.


Heir de'Bonaire: Paladinja. The oldest brother (chorus-by 2 minutes!) Upright, moral, follower of Irori. Arctice fox colored.

Spare de'Bonaire: Second oldest brother. Nervous twitchy, fast talking paranoid/justifiably concerned considering the rest of the family. Wields a too tall elven branched spear and can sneak attack an entire room of goblins if they surprise him. Regular red fox colored

Todd de'Boanire: The quiet, contemplative one. It was thought they were born blind, but they're really seeing so much of the past happening around them that they can't sort it all out. Arctice fox colored.

Grr: The runt of the litter born at half a pound. Now weighs 8 pounds. Grr was born as a fox, is a fox, and will resist insinuations to the contrary the same way as they do anything else. violently. Very. violently. Absoloms most adorable bundle of fluffy death heads for the fight as gorum wills. Wears a large pink ribbon that he refuses to take off. "The dolly said the ribbon stays on" Silver fox colored.

Reinhart &Reynard: Identical twins in a litter of fraternal twins. Reynard is a swashbuckler with a little Dervish dancing bard, Reinhart is a dervish dancing bard with a level of swashbuckler. An interest in the cult of saranrae because it was the rebelious thing to do soon became a surprisingly genuine faith for both of them.

Flare de Bonaire: (Possible planned) Trickster rogue/fighter with a penchant for getting extra tails at an astounding rate.

Lotus: The boys father is Lotus' Mother (because... kitsune). She's being groomed to take over the family silk business and is getting good at it, even before she hypnotizes buyers into making deals. Look at the tail, watch the tail... you now have my will save. And the urge to boc like a chicken.


Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Let's see... The tengu 'murder'...

My -1 is Eagle Knight Wei Ji (Slayer, Cleric of Irori) liberated slave from Cheliax. On an 'off the books' mission for Liberty's Edge, he rescued Zykon Gibbs(Bolt Ace, my -3) from slavery (New Recruits Boon from Paths We Choose applied to Gibbs). Gibbs doesn't talk much, preferring monosylabic responses.

This makes it exceedingly difficult for anyone to make the connection between him and his long-lost grandmother, Andrietta Ebonfeather (Paladin of Andoletta, my -6) or his very distant cousin Karasuma Tazou (Unchained Rogue, my -5).

Their family was fleeing civil disruption in Kwanlai (picked the wrong side in a fight, started when Wei 'accidentally' routed a sewer into a Very Important Tengu's Home--wouldn't be the last time he'd do something like that) and are being pursued by Reijingu Feza (Barbarian, my -8) who ended up enslaved in Kaoling before liberating himself and fighting his way across the World Spine and into the Society's employ.

Wazziri 'Two-Fang' (Unchained Rogue, my -9) is pursuing Reijingu for the death of her brother, but hasn't been able to track him down beyond 'somewhere in Absalom'.

Unrelated save by knowing slightly of the reputation of the 'Valiant Wing of Andoran', Rae Alain Paight (Bard, my -10, first Society human) seeks to follow the path of freedom and self-expression that Eagle Knight Wei proposes for obscure personal reasons.

I'll chime in with a negative. None of the stories of any of my PFS characters connect. And I've yet to make my Venture Captain's protege...

I do have characters that probably know of each other. My two highest-level characters are both level 14 Silver Crusaders, I imagine there are soirées.

Liberty's Edge 3/5

Sammy T wrote:
My -7 is Lux's EoTT protege, Atavisk, the musclebound shield-bashing worshipper of Rovagug who was the bouncer in Lux's bar, the Longspear, in the Coins district.

Sammy! Atavisk! I have played with Sammy a number times and GM'd for Atavisk once or twice before I moved, IIRC.

My first character was -2 Miao Yin, a half-elf magus from Tien, who never really gets played anymore. My -6 was a tengu rogue hunting her down for a bounty, and my -9, Krawnk, is another eyeball-eating tengu rogue searching for his brother, and assumes he died at the hands of the magus (instead of at the hand of hobgoblin raiders in the Osiriani wastes).

My -3, Vasam Radaya, is now a semi-retired Varisian wizard who will try to "give advice" to any magus he meets to "give up the sword" "like that one from Tien." His protege is -12, Liu Fan, a Kitsune sorcerer masquerading as a human wizard. She fears tengus for their vicious attacks on eyeballs, like the one she met when travelling west.

My -4, Crotan, son of Cromag, superstitious Shoanti barbarian, fears magic after witnessing an awesome pyrotechnic spectacle by Vasam, but is now a world-traveled barbarian/fighter/ranger/rogue, who is still a bit superstitious, but his rage is also powered by the fire he once feared.

My core characters will all be related, but as only one has been played (Corenelius), I have some time to weave them together.

Shadow Lodge 5/5 RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 8 aka WalterGM

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Let me direct Glav to this thread so he can tell you about House Elevendal...

Sczarni 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Washington—Pullman aka Coraith

My -1 and -4 characters are brothers. One being a Cloistered Cleric and the other a Barbarian.
My -10 Fetchling was stranded on this plane after a grand convocation in which my -2 Pirate character destroyed the device linking the material and shadow plane together.
My -9 is the Father of my -20... Always trying to find her.
My -12 Sarenrae worshiping Life Oracle is the Mentor of my -19 Lissalin Gluttony Wizard who is the Mentor of my -21 Pain Taster Bard.

My Core characters -25 and -28 are a married Elven Couple.

Silver Crusade 5/5

Wall of Text time!

Kind of like TOZ at the very least most of my pathfinders have met each other in passing, but with some of them there is a bit more of a connection.

My -1 is Mzulft Mzinchaleft, a member of the Tiefling Deeper Darkness Murder Death Squad Force, a group consisting of him and two other local Tieflings (and their human "honorary tiefling" member that earned the title after a particularly noteworthy four-man run of Bonekeep). Our mission is to turn Darkness effects against the scenarios!

My -2 is Berric "The Ladies' Knight" Thorne. In his younger days this Aasimar Paladin of Damerrich wooed many a lady in his adventures with the Silver Crusade. This caught up with him in an unexpected way when confronted by his daughter Adria "Addy" Thorne, my -10 Tiefling Paladin of Lymnieris who joined up with the Silver Crusade to do good, but also to meet and confront her father for not being there for her in her youth. The two reconciled before parting ways to take missions for the society. Berric has met Greg Mount's PC Crotan and has adventured with him to restore order to Irrisen. He also met TOZ's -1 Auris in an adventure to Rachikan. Berric gets around, as he himself likes to say.

My -3, Venture Captain and former Sleepless Detective Winnifred Hayley, is connected to most of my PC's, mostly due to her being a VC and having set up her own lodge in Alkenstar (bought the vanity and everything!). She is a human rogue / fighter / Sleepless Detective. She is more connected to her son Fred Hayley, who she accidentally abducted during a trip to a certain Mountain of the Round variety, wrapped up in some pretty nice sheets that she "borrowed," she decided to adopt him and raise him to be a Pathfinder and her protege. Fred Hayley, my -13 Ratfolk, claims to be the most powerful mage in Absalom, disintegrator of fools (when he has a scroll) and master of elements (when he has the right elemenal gem). He is certainly not an Unchained Counterfeit Mage Rogue.

My -8 and -9, Sophie and Chloe Desmarais, are twins from Taldor. Sophie is a tiefling ninja born in Oppara and raised at her family's estate in Amanandar once her demonic heritage manifested. She joined the Society to find her twin that she was separated from once their heritages became apparent. Chloe is an Aasimar Rondelero Duelist (the fighter archetype), when her and her sister's heritage became apparent Chloe's celestial heritage meant she got to stay in Oppara. She earned a measure of fame after slaying a dragon for the town of Belhaim, and joined the Society to see more of the world. Once the two were reunited, they separated again on good terms when Gloriana Morilla split her faction away from the nation of Taldor. Sophie stayed with Gloriana through the transition to the Sovereign Court, while Chloe joined up with the Grand Lodge.

None of my other characters are really all that connected.

My -2, Tsubame-Taka is a Tengu Investigator/Evangelist of Irori who operates out of an office upstairs of my -13, Kuro'o V. Senpai (Half-Jinin Elf Promethean Alchemist) and his Apothecary/Doctor's office. Tsubame owns the building, but rents out the space to Dr. Senpai cheaply in exchange for the good doctor's aid in acquiring both information and components.
Both get ingredients on occasion for their alchemical creations from the courier service of my -4, Ra'ava Fed'dex the Aasimar Aerokineticist. In recent days Tsubame has taken in his nephew, my -13 Ajorin-Taka the Supernaturalist Druid, as a boarder.

5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Tampere aka Rei

-16 is -2's protege. For some reason, a half-orc druid decided to take a gnome-raised ifrit inquisitor of Brigh as his protege. I blame that ioun stone full of ranks of Knowledge (engineering) he purchased during EotT (we had a dearth of Knowledge skills).

-14 is the test tube baby of -6 and another player's character. Sykni was literally born to be a Pathfinder and considers all of them their stupid, incompetent family.

-18 is the sister of -15, who died in her first scenario. Elenoi signed up for the Society after her sister died because Kirza (said sister) had not yet served for as long as she declared she would, so she felt like her sister had a debt left to pay and decided to make amends. (She has a weird sense of morality.) Also, it helped her get out of the pit fights at Valknar, where she was more or less being used as a punching bag.

-23, my only Core character, is the mother of -6 and grandmother of -14. I made this character because she was basically a meme at some point in our area.

I haven't made my -26 yet, but I'm considering making a kid for -2. He's just about old enough to have an adult one.

Dark Archive 5/5

Let me tell you of the fallen elven Chelish house, Elavendel.

"But Samel'Thalain, there are no elves in the nation of Cheliax! It is a human nation!" Not so young one. Before the purges of Her Infernal Majestrix Queen Abrogail, a small noble house of elves, half-elves, and humans aided the various noble lines. We were all but wiped out and erased from the history books to promote a human perspective. Presently, most who remain in the house use the Pathfinder Society as a way of growing their power.

Those that survive today:

Samel'thalain of House Elavendel, myself, a conjurer and enchanter of most exquisite power. These days I, members of my house reside, and our servants all reside on a personal demiplane in the style of our ancestral estate that I maintain. Friends are most welcome, but those that oppose the house will meet my friends that I've called from every corner of the demiplanes. When not there, I teach planar theory at Absalom's universities and noble homes.

Frodal'thalain of House Elavendel, another elven member of the house, an extremely gifted alchemist and archer, and a bit of a nutter. He went off and somehow convinced The Order of the Chain to accept him. He has deeply ingrained himself with the society, earning the title of Venture-Captain. We don't talk with him much...

A expert human servant of the house, Parig'tokal, obsessed over the dead, keeping one at his side at all times. He disappeared after his confirmation, when the Pathfinder Society sent him to an abandoned irorian temple somewhere in Tian Xia.

The house sent Kalid'tokal, his elder brother and weapon-master of the house, to discover what happened. Kalid's expertise quickly help him discover the truth and his expertise with whips quickly earned him a field commission with the society. He continues to aid the society from time to time.

Not all of the house are presently from the house. Our current liege, Boral of House Elavendel, has begun recruiting. In his great mercy while travelling in Tian Xia, he rescued a wayward Aasimar from certain death. That Aasimar, Kin Xaio Wong, pledged to bolster the house by recruiting others to support the house and its causes. To date, Kin has a signed pledge from over 60 pathfinders, adventurers, nobles, WWE wrestlers, clans, and Dragons. These include a powerful underworld dragon and a group of kobolds who refer to themselves as dragons.

Our present head of the house, Boral of House Elavendel, is a powerful wizard and skilled crossbowman. I have to admit, though I have sworn unwavering fealty to him, his plans go beyond what I would consider humane. As the last heir of his line, he has...responsibilities...but instead acts as though there is no future for our house. The scope of his plans for revenge frighten even me. Worse, now that I have begun to catch a gleam of his plans, I grow nervous that he may succeed.

Dark Archive 5/5

Erm...:::coughs::: Yes, yes, your elven house has quite a reputation among my circle, Samel'Thalain.

I, Folun Crox, a proud pathfinder and patron of the feast, Have a few more close friends that provide, erm, mutual benefit to each other. Beasts, men, pleasure, it's quite fair to say that you can...erm...experience it here. As you see, my menagerie welcomes all who wish to partake in the pleasures of this world. It requires quite a staff to keep it running! The feasts, oh my...preparing such delectable foods, the gladiatorial tent, the sexatorium, so much effort to keep in order. Fortunately, the Battle Chefs make exquisite traveling companions.

Battle Chef Olizar, head chef of my kitchen tents, provides the majority of the meals for myself, my guests, wayward orgie parties, or any other soul that wanders to my caravan. Don't hold the fact that he's Garundi against him! Ha! The food...the food that Olizar makes for daily supper, it warms the palate like great maw maw's evening delight. She's been gone for quite too long, too long. Mmm...I really must look into, er, uh, returning...her her to work the kitchens again. When not preparing dishes in my cookery, he scours the world for the best ingredients, to make his cuisine reign supreme. Olizar's skill with his signature pocket pepper, along with his pechant for fighting with kitchen instruments, assures me that that my supply of Andoran tarts will always be safe.

Grand Saucier Sulivin Haffnir makes me my tonics. Keeping this wrinkled hide in top condition is I'm eager to have others do. He has a way with healing potions I've rarely seen. Don't let his northern Andoran upbringing bother you too much. The damn boy won't let up with spicy sauces, though! Why, the other day, this young man sauntered in with his Demon's Flare hot concoction and Fire Rolls. Damn things nearly burnt my tongue off. Hadn't experienced that before from a roll...

The most recent addition to the caravan is a young upstart from Alkenstar. Aaron Rockovitch he calls himself. Despite him being 1/8 orc, he manages to hold an intelligent conversation from time to time. He was able to suppress his bestial nature long enough to ferret out a few of the Folun Crox Casino's dirty dealers. Damn place, despite being quickly accessible through the Hao Jin Tapestry, protected by a castle, walls, moat, and bailey, the Casino, Resort and Spa at the hotsprings outside the worldwound barely break even...but back to this upstart. He's taken up a bit of learning magic from me, so there may be a way to civilize this greenskin yet.


A few connections, yes. Xallis the Chelaxian Summoner (1) ocne purchased a Halfling slave off the market, having seen magical potential within him. This ex slave, Estrek (8), was sponsored to join the Dark Archive. During his training to become an agent of the Society, an accident involving a damaged magical implement ended with the Halfling being bound to an Eidolon of his very own.

On another side of things, Riamora Spiritsong (4) represents the Spiritsong clan, a family of Humans and Elves who have given an eternal pledge to their goddedd Pharasma. She is also a pirate. She works with the Society, using them for oppertunities to bring peace to the Undead monstrosities that so often infest old temples and tombs. Ria's push to bring more of her clansmen into the Society hit a snag when her nephew, Kyle Spiritsong (10), was killed in action on his very first mission as a Pathfinder. At the very least, his Psychopomp Eidolon was there to see him off. He may very well make a comeback if I ever roll up a spiritualist.

Lastly, most of my characters have been in contact with D'javu the Time Oracle (5), a man who holds a mad theory that strings of often unrelated Pathinfers exist together in splintered timelines. According to his studies, the Society itself is home to countless chronological inconsistencies that sometimes crop up when fellow Pathfinders share personal experiences.

The Exchange 5/5

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33 characters and some are interconnected and some are loners. Two brother Dwarven clerics (different gods/alignments) would be the most connected I think.

I do have an Ifrit Alchemist that often adventures with several other Elemental Blooded Alchemists... Most often with an Oread and a Sylph (yeah, we're Earth, Wind and Fire), and there's an Undine Alchemist that joins us at times.

Sovereign Court 5/5

Once I aided the Ten with some... embarrassing issues, I set up my lodge in Whitethrone after the centennial. I sent my nephew Miroslav to Absalom with my endorsement. He doesn't fit in here...

Seeker character having done Eot10, used the boon on my bard

Paizo Employee Contributor—Canadian Maplecakes

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Just wait until all of you see the interconnected narrative I have for the following...

-House Deckland
-Onyx Alliance
-Shadow Absalom
-The Lost Adventurers
-And of course... Hats.

Well, this was a good exercise in remembering all of my loose threads. :)

Shadow Lodge 5/5

All hail Hats, mighty Lord of Under-Absalom!

Silver Crusade 3/5

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Mostly not, but having a protege with no connection to their mentor would have felt weird, so my -4 is this parent-surrogate type to -15. Further explanation to follow:

-4 is a ulfen paladin of Iomedae, classically dumb as paladins tend to be but also of the "friend to all living things" type. So she used some prestige and bought a farm just outside Absalom. She uses this farm to help all the animal companions and the like that people abandon when they find better ones and cannot be bothered to cure of their ills.
-15 is a nagaji bloodrager of the celestial bend. He is kinda dumb as well, and also young, so he believes he is a paladin of Iomedae as well, wielding a longsword, reciting holy phrases in combat etc. He has no clear recollection of what happened in his childhood, but being taken in by "Auntie Jo" has been the best thing that has happened to him. He lives on the farm, doing the heavy lifting and hoping that some day they'll let him take care of the animals as well.

Mechanically (spoilered for length),

I wanted see how much/long I can keep up the illusion of the bloodrager being a paladin. Steelblood for heavy armor and celestial bloodline to emulate some aspects of smite is a nice start. This in turn happened because -4 always felt like some raging would fit her backstory nicely, but was mechanically well, not totally impossible, but too complicated to go for.

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Got another one!!!

My overall disappointment in not getting the "You Be Goblin" boon during the second part of the Race for the Rune Carved Key, mainly because of an unprepared GM scoring us (And running us) in the wrong tier, was distilled into the making of my little halfling crazy one Zizel Lighter.

He thinks he is a Goblin, rubbing green grease paint on his hands and face all the time. In the character introduction, an elven woman brings him in, holding the excitable guy by the scruff of the neck, and deposits him on the table of the meeting room.
"He is your problem, now! Deal with it!!" and she leaves. He rubs the green grease paint all over himself and looks at the group with wild eyes and says... "I'M A GOBLIN!!"

Now, when I make my first CORE character, I made the elf that brings Zizel in, who consoled the little guy after being taken from goblins he was raised from, having seen a goblin girl killed beside him before they shackled him for the trip. She stayed with him all that night, and for a lot of nights after that, and eventually they became... "close."

She is a matron in an orphanage that Zizel was taken to, and goes by the nickname "Ma" because of that, though it is also a part of her own name. She says goodbye to Zizel as a character introduction, and he keeps saying "Yes, Ma." as she berates him about blowing up the fireplace that last time.

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The law offices of Fencejumper, Hao, and Wolfscar house three Core-Pathfinders in each of their offices (a gnome sorceror, human fighter and half-elf cleric). Which reminds I need to make their receptionist and/or summer 1L intern.

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Thurston Hillman wrote:

-Onyx Alliance
-Shadow Absalom

I've a keen interest.

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I have two sisters, but that is aboot it for interconnected PCs. From my various posts and threads, most of my characters are aware of THUNDERLIPS!.

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When I discovered one prospective build was no longer legal, the character got rebuilt as the initial character's twin sister. That might eventually turn into something.

I also recently got a Pathfinder Apprentice boon, so there'll be an explicit linkage there soon.

Otherwise? Not so much.

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jon dehning wrote:
I have two sisters, but that is aboot it for interconnected PCs. From my various posts and threads, most of my characters are aware of THUNDERLIPS!.

At this point, I think most all of the Pathfinders on the Paizo boards are aware of THUNDERLIPS! whether or not they want to be.

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UndeadMitch wrote:
jon dehning wrote:
I have two sisters, but that is aboot it for interconnected PCs. From my various posts and threads, most of my characters are aware of THUNDERLIPS!.
At this point, I think most all of the Pathfinders on the Paizo boards are aware of THUNDERLIPS! whether or not they want to be.


Silver Crusade 5/5

UndeadMitch wrote:
jon dehning wrote:
I have two sisters, but that is aboot it for interconnected PCs. From my various posts and threads, most of my characters are aware of THUNDERLIPS!.
At this point, I think most all of the Pathfinders on the Paizo boards are aware of THUNDERLIPS! whether or not they want to be.

No, no. Our lives are all much... richer for having known you THUNDERLIPS!. Truly, THUNDERLIPS! provides a shining example to us all.


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UndeadMitch wrote:

No, no. Our lives are all much... richer for having known you THUNDERLIPS!. Truly, THUNDERLIPS! provides a shining example to us all.

...emphasis on 'shining example'.


UndeadMitch wrote:
jon dehning wrote:
I have two sisters, but that is aboot it for interconnected PCs. From my various posts and threads, most of my characters are aware of THUNDERLIPS!.
At this point, I think most all of the Pathfinders on the Paizo boards are aware of THUNDERLIPS! whether or not they want to be.


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My -8, Mila Syrenka, is the adopted daughter of my Kingmaker character. After a scuffle with some of the barbarian tribes in the River Kingdoms, our Kingmaker group took one of the chieftain's daughters back to our capital city as a ward to promote peaceful dealings in the future. As an adopted daughter, she is part of the Syrenka family, a noble house that my Kingmaker character basically invented.

She was not much interested in helping to run a kingdom (though she is a rare barbarian with a skill point in diplomacy because she tried). When our Kingmaker game ended she was sent south to join the Pathfinders, with some vague instructions to spread the word about the recently formed kingdom, make friends and secure allies. Her current goal is to marry into the Blakros family, which would surely surpass all expectations of the Kingmaker party.

Other than that, my PFS characters are not really inter-connected.

4/5 ⦵⦵

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my characters all know each other, and meet up for drinks between missions. my -4, an Black-blooded oracle of the dark tapestry may get a son/daughter some day; but other then that my characters stay mostly unconnected.

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Jarl Rukk, the Linnorm King, is my most prolific character. He's had a long and illustrious career. His fortitude is the stuff of tall tales--and most that don't know him stile a laugh at the stories of him swimming through lava or shrugging off disintegrates. But those who know the aging half-orc know the truth and raise their tankards in respect. He's saved the Society from the Aspis, the demons of the worldwound, and whatever else the years have thrown at the walls of the Grand Lodge. He turned Grandmaster Torch in for his crimes and slew a linnorm to earn his frozen throne in the Lands of the Linnorm kings. Time and time again, Rukk has risen to the Decemvirate's call for aid as a Seeker, traversing other planes and even travelling to other times. Most recently, he rescued Baba Yaga from the machinations of her foes and agreed to serve her as a Black Rider. Of course, while he's fighting wars on her behalf, rule of his small and frigid kingdom falls to his children.

The first is his adopted son, creatively named Little Rukk by the barbarian king. The three foot cretin protests claims that his linage is goblinoid, and instead boasts his body to be the creation of an undead ape-beast known as Chorkak. A fearsome wizard monster his father slew single-handedly long ago. He also claims his body to be as indestructible as Rukk's, but those that know the 'goblin' know him to exaggerate often. Little Rukk has enjoyed his father's absence, racking up extravant bills and charging them all to Society. Such immature shenanigans are expected of a 12-year old, and would have continued had his sister been contacted by the Society.

A half-orc skald that sings his triumps and has started writing legends of her own, Raine Rukksdottir begrudgingly joined the Society this winter past. Raine has agreed to work as an agent until her brother's debt has been repaid, or until her father returns--whichever comes first. She's since shooed the small ape-like goblin from her father's throne and placed a more responsible steward in his stead. She has also begun redecorating the place in a prismatic array of colors worthy of Sheyln's notice, and started investing with some dwarven craftsmen to get the walls rebuilt and have a roof installed for the winter castle.


My -1 was a playtest inquisitor of Cayden Cailean, who never saw action.

My -2 is Thaddeus Lamplighter, humble cleric of Shelyn. He's a nice guy, but mostly GM credit - I GM'd my first several dozen PFS games before I played.

My -4 is Aram bin Kaleel, who appropriated his friend's "Lamplighter" name for his informal organization of Pathfinders who focus on versatility over specialization. He's one scenario away from 12 and Eyes of the Ten. (Which I now have to get back on, so I can play the new retirement arc, too!)

-6 is Davnet Dragos, a fetchling who was captured by Aram during the Grand Convocation of 4712 A.R. (Aram got the GM credit for that event.)

My -11 is Aram's son, Majaere, who so far has only played 1 scenario (The Wounded Wisp, where he got the uncommon pleasure of meeting his father in-game).


All of my characters are related in some way. I started out with one Chelaxian family for everyone to belong to. They began as mostly half elves or humans but have adopted a variety of half orcs and one Aasimar (subsequently transformed into a half orc). Partly this was because I hate coming up with names and wanted one surname to link people together.

Now the Gallonica family has a wide range of members with mercantile interests across a range of professions (merchant, clothing, alchemical, baking). Most are members of the Exchange with the Caravan vanity. They include a Venture Captain with a protégé, a couple of Viscounts and a pair of Signifiers of the Gate. They currently include three sorcerers, an arcanist, three oracles, a witch, a cleric, a druid and two wizards. Should they all come together at once they would be a terrifying force.

I have recently started up a second rival family from Katapesh, the Ibn Jad's. They are a new young family so don't yet have anyone at Seeker level (the Gallonica's have 4) and they currently include an Oracle and two siblings, an Alchemist and Summoner (one half orc, one half elf, they had a very open minded mother).

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TOZ's Wandering Eye wrote:
UndeadMitch wrote:
jon dehning wrote:
I have two sisters, but that is aboot it for interconnected PCs. From my various posts and threads, most of my characters are aware of THUNDERLIPS!.
At this point, I think most all of the Pathfinders on the Paizo boards are aware of THUNDERLIPS! whether or not they want to be.


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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:
UndeadMitch wrote:

No, no. Our lives are all much... richer for having known you THUNDERLIPS!. Truly, THUNDERLIPS! provides a shining example to us all.
...emphasis on 'shining example'.



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Most of my characters are unconnected, but Grigorii recently settled down with a nice baker in Averaka. I'm planning for a son becoming a Hunter with a roc companion, and maybe a daughter as an Averakan Bard.

5/5 ⦵⦵⦵

As Grigorii's GM for the adventure in which he got hitched, I cannot tell you how proud I am to hear of these developments!


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