Do you have an interconnected narrative for your characters?

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My -2 and -4 are identical twin ulfen brothers, built with the exact same stat array. -2 is a Fighter 1/Bard 7 Huscarl and former Ulfen Guard, while -4 is a Barbarian 1/Metal Oracle 1 who joined the society to try and track down his brother.

I made the -4 as a thought experiment to see how I could use the same stat array for a very different mechanical character. I've also kicked around making their younger sister a shieldmaiden (myrmidon) Magus...

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The interconnected narrative is not for my own characters with each other, but for how my characters mesh with my boyfriend Bret's. We create pairs that we play together in PFS.


So far we have:

  • Zahra and Omar Senay, a married Sorc and Cleric team (with a tiger). "Ve are from Kat-a-pesh! Ve are very pleased to meet you!"

  • Mist and Lyric the Singing Paladin -- two half elf friends who teamed up in Silver Crusade and like adventuring together.

  • Jasmine Wu (bard, heir to the Wu Chai tea fortune -- "The Tea with the Monkey on the Box!") and her bodyguard Rukyo (female Nagaji bloodrager).

  • Bobbi "my stupid family won't let me use my last name" Blakros and her lying gnomish tutor, Basil.


  • The Blues Brothers! "We're on a mission from God. Er, Gods."


  • Silver Crusade

    Heh. I like it. So what god(s) would the Blues Brothers be on a mission from? As musicians, I'd think Shelyn would fit.

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    Cayden Callean.

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    Although there is the possibility of that changing, still some things to work out. They are going to be GM babies until 3rd.

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    Cayden was actually my first thought, but Shelyn made more sense when I thought about it more. Like I said, she's the patron of the arts.

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    "LADIEEESSSSS AN' GEN'L'MENS! TONIGHT, for the FIRST TIME TOGETHER.. CAYDEN 'I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M A DEITY' CAILEAN alongside THE ETERNAL ROSE herself, SHELYN!!!! Now let's give them a rousing hand, and start things off with the UNQUENCHABLE FIRE!!!"

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    My -1, -3, -10, and -13 are all part of the same clan of Dwarves. All of them have taken different directions in their lives but refer to one another during reports, introductions, and when spouting off various bits of knowledge. They all tend to get together between missions to help each other along and to pass on information that may affect the clan. My other characters have no interconnection but some have had passing contact with others.

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    -1 Kyrie Ebonblade: She's a 'legacy' brought into the society as a teen by Grandmaster Torch

    -3 Cindran Longpath, Teifling of Varisian blood and Lady of the Rods, Venture Captain of 'Near Korvosa' has sponsored a distant cousin, (as yet played) as well as a young tiefling rumored to be her son (not yet in play)

    -8 Lady Roasa Annarey Delafine Del Noire: Disgraced/Title-less noblewoman who joined the society to work her way back into favor in the court. Her family surged back up her successful establishment of a vast trading concern that works the entire Inner sea region. She brought in her relatives to help out as she could. Simon Clarkson (-14) was brought in as reward for saving some friends during the Siege of the Diamond city, and to help him survive a noble's wrath. A distant cousin, Callie Del Noire (-17), was sponsored into the society by Roasa after she became the Venture Captain of Landmass. Roasa's last excursion into Chelliax during her work for the Ten led her to discover the half-sister she never knew from her father's reckless affairs, Helena Del Noire, the counterfeit mage (-22)

    -9 Borgan 'Boomstick' McCracken, Gunslinger/Inquisor of Cayden/Sheild Marshall and his brother (-21, Core) are a pair of good old boys just in over their heads and enjoying the Lucky Drunk's life.

    I got a few mores.. like fraternal twins (ulfen/kellid humans), a pair of Kitsune cousins and the various members of the infamous 'Fiveboars' Halfing family (wanted DEAD.. in Chelliax)

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    I have a Veiled Illusionist that passes itself off as some of my other characters sometimes. Does that count?

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