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I know not everyone likes the Golarion setting. But some of the setting books I enjoy are the "Origins" books, giving ideas on how new elements fit into the setting.

Since a Path of War Origins book will never happen, I thought it would be fun to share our ideas on how the classes, disciplines, prestige classes, and traditions could fit into Golarion. Especially now that PoW Expanded is out.

Feel free to share your ideas even if someone already covered the class/discipline/tradition you have in mind!

To get things started....

The Black Seraph discipline is most commonly found in Cheliax, amongst the drow and urdefhan of the Darklands, and in the vicinity of the Worldwound. The Black Thorn Knights could be envisioned as a new Hellknight order itself, or a prestigious academy that turns out many future Hellknights and military officers for Cheliax's army and navy.

Warlords of the Scarlet Throne can be found amongst the members of Brevoy's Sword Pact, Minkai's samurai caste, and the dueling societies of Ustalav and Taldor.

Kellid, Shoanti, and Belkzen barbarians contest between themselves which is the true master of Primal Fury.

The Silver Crane discipline is most commonly found in Mendev, Lastwall, and Tianjing. Several "paladins" of Iomedae and Sarenrae through out the Inner Sea are actually Warders strongly practiced in this discipline.

The Umbral Blades are a small sect of Kuthite assassins, trained in Nidal's darkest corners to strike for their Midnight Lord.

And the famed Red Mantis assassins train stalkers to combine Thrashing Dragon and Steel Serpent to dispatch their targets in service to their cult.

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Crashing Tempest Academy was founded by the drinking buddy of Cayden Cailean, who upon hearing that his friend became a god, immediately claimed that HE was the one who put him up to the bet, and that HE got him the ideas that let him pass the Test of the Starstone. Upon not being smote on the spot, he then founded the Academy in honor of his friend's skill with utilizing the Steel Tankard/Mithral Rapier/Adamantine-Toed Boots so well in barfights.

Lensmaker Society is a branch of the Pathfinder Society, specifically the branch that realized that actually calling themselves Pathfinders while doing morally-questionable activities probably wasn't a good idea.

In Irrisen, land of eternal winter, the daughters of the ruling Jadwiga are trained in the arts of witchcraft. Their sons are expected to fill military positions in defense of the realm, as well as lead raiding expeditions into the lands around the kingdom (especially the Lands of the Linnorm Kings).

The Ravenlord Harbinger seems a perfect fit for these martial Jadwiga heirs, with its connection to curses and witch references. And ravens are a sign of good luck in Irreseni culture (killing one is even considered a crime).

But of course, their neighbors and hated foes across the border, in the Land of the Linnorm Kings, are not without defenses themselves. Many a Winter Witch or Ravenlord has met their doom when they expected to face a savage Barbarian or a simple Viking Fighter, only to be cut down by the cunning and brutal intelligence of an ulfen raider trained in the ways of the Zweihander Sentinel. Commonly found as elite members of raiding parties, a Zweihander Sentinel can utilize his defensive prowess to protect his allies even as he swings his greataxe or falchion to cleave through his foes.

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