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Where can i find Catfolk gods if there are any?

The catfolk probably worship the same deities as everyone else? Not EVERY race on Golarion has unique deities all their own. XD

They probably lean towards nature/animal/hunting/family deities, I think. Ah, and Bastet. If there are any catfolk-specific deities, they probably haven't been published yet.

James Jacobs has said that catfolk have deities, they just hasn't been revealed yet.

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As stated by other posters, if you are looking for Golarion-specific catfolk deities then there isn't much information to go on yet. However, Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Catfolk introduces three new deities custom-made for different catfolk cultures and alignments (and lots of other options too!).

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Nyan: God of Rainbows, Space and Music.
Cheezburger: God of Can Haz Memes?
Grumpy: God of Endless Unhappiness
Garfield: God of Sleep and Lasagna and Unfunny Comics
Top Cat: God of Rogues and the Homeless.
Liono: God of Swords and Divination.

You forgot about Heathcliff, Riff-Raff, Cleo, Hector, Wordsworth, and Mungo.

This is a campaign setting question, really, so flagged for wrong forum.

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I bet they're big on Calistria, in addition to any homegrown deities.

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You all have forgotten the Ur-God of catfolk:


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