[Roll20 / G+ / CORE] #1-55: The Infernal Vault (Tier 1-7) Friday, March 18, 2016 6:00PM MDT [GMT-6]

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Silver Crusade 4/5

This is a CORE campaign game.

A decade ago, the Decklands family, a house of Chelish nobles, were exiled from Absalom for treason. Their fate made for an interesting story and when a Pathfinder agent in Cheliax studying the family's long history and exile from the City at the Center of the World ends up murdered, the Society sends you to the recently discovered Deckland Vaults in Absalom to see what connection their old home might have to your murdered colleague.

Please sign up on WARHORN (and don't forget to send me the information below). If you newly register on Warhorn you'll also need to sign up to Play in a session slot (sometimes people forget to do this).

If you need to drop out, please be courteous enough to drop by Withdrawing from the session (as soon as you know) on Warhorn so an Alternate can move up on the play list.

After signing up, please send me the following information at bgoldstein14[at]hotmail[dot]com:

*Player Name
*Character Name
*Character Class/Level
*PFS #
*Light used
*Attach token

Silver Crusade 4/5

Current roster:

1. Chris Krebs Fighter ? (Defender)
2. Branden Jacobs unknown
3. Alex C Cleric 2
4. Michael Bermhed Barbarian 1
5. M E ? 1

Alt 1.
Alt 2.

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