Carnival Barker, Perform or Profession


Would a carnival barker day job use Profession or Perform, probably Oratory? For those that do not know, a carnival barker is the fellow who tries to attract people to whatever attraction they are stationed at. In other words, the "Step right up!" guy.

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Either one, though I'd personally lean towards profession I could see someone deciding to use perform.

Alright, thank you.

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From a meta standpoint, I'd imagine you'd have much more opportunity to use Perform (oratory) in scenarios than you would Profession. I think Perform being a CHA based skill would also help reflect the persuasive nature of the character.

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perform oratory. I've seen that one perform alone come up more than some other skills.

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It depends on how narrowly you want to define the day job.

"I pull in audience for Carnival sideshows." would be profession.
"I pull in audience for any sort of public gathering." would be more Oratory, IMO.

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