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Scarab Sages

105. You had second thoughts about hitting a guy with glasses.

Silver Crusade

105a. Since glasses count as improvised weapons, you took a -4 to your attempt to hit a guy with glasses.

106. That was just a warning. Still hoping for a diplomatic solution, you know.

107. You had a case of the hangries.

108. Trying to keep the miss streak going. You tried to slash your wrists once, but you missed (as usual)

Scarab Sages

109. Your hair got stuck to your eyelashes and you couldn't see a thing.
110. Your familiar was licking... something... and you were hypnotized by the sensation carried through your empathic link.
111. You ran out of arrows... last round.
112. What the heck is that guy doing?
113. When was the last time you ate?
114. What are you going to have for dinner?

115. The succubus disrobed. (Didn't just miss, it was a fumble).

116. You rolled a 1 while using True Strike. Now do you believe me about using 2D10 when using True Strike?

Dark Archive

117. Your character was busy checking twitter

118. Spent too much time with your hand in the bowl of jellybeans on the table. Sticky dice don't roll well.

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119. Thoes jelly beans were supposed to be hero points! Now you have no points to re-roll. :)

Scarab Sages

120. "I wasn't aiming for you!" You shout cockily as you hit the lever controlling the massive gate, presently raised, that the villain is standing right underneath....

121.The bus took a detour and you missed it. By the time you got there you missed the whole surprise round.

122: 1d4+1 lorries run over your target as you were swinging to hit.

123: Weapon missed because it called in sick. You schedule it to work overtime tomorrow and curse at being shorthanded today.

124: User error.

125: Weapon not updated to current version. Now downloading.

126: Enemy's successful feint.

127: Enemy's successful faint.

128: Your successful feint causes enemies, allies, and even spectators to look and even go elsewhere. No-one left to hit.

129 You graduated top of the class at the Imperal Stormtrooper school of marksmanship.

Scarab Sages

130. In hindsight, Zeno's Arrow really was not a good choice of magical ammunition.

131. You were on fire, which is very distracting.

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132. You are actually a giant chicken wearing armor trying to hold a crossbow. "You wear a disguise, to look like human guys, but your not a man, you're a chicken boo!"

133. Your dice have developed sentience of their own (an all too common, yet little-discussed problem) and are conspiring to make your life miserable.

Bonus information: threatening them with three hours in the freezer usually helps. If it doesn't, follow through on the threat. If you live north of the Polar Circle, you can simply threaten to leave them out in the cold if it's winter-time.

134. You were staring down the priestess of Calistra's 'vestments.'
135. The die is Inigo Montoya. You killed its father. Prepare to die.
136. When you asked the street sam to flash the guy, you meant flash bangs, not nudity!

137. You hit. Enemy appeals, and sanctioning body overturns hit after reviewing video evidence.

138. Victim wails 'That hurt!'. Prankster edits dialogue so victim says 'That doesn't hurt!'. (I actually did this in a game of Toon.)

139. The wookie ripped your arms off
140. The wizard in your party started muttering to a moth

141. It's because of the caster/martial disparity...somehow.

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