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I am planning on celebrating my 50th birthday by inviting about 10 friends to play Pathfinder for an entire weekend (like we did when we were younger) I would like to end up making this an annual event and make t-shirts for everyone. So what I am looking for in particular is a couple of things:

1. A logo for our group name, current name (in flux) is "Heroes of Heritage". The logo will probably be also used on some dice if it can fit. Fantasy themed.

2. An image to go along with the logo for a t-shirt, we plan on running the Wrath of the Righteous, it would be nice for the image to incorporate the campaign name and the maybe the first module name. Fitting something for the 50th birthday thing would be a plus, but not required. I would like the art to have a similar feel to the art in the modules (or general Pathfinder style).

I would like to own the rights to the logo, for the image just the rights to use it will be fine.

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