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This handheld device has a touch screen on the front, a holographic camera on the back, An emitter along the top, a microphone and speaker built into the bottom, and buttons along the sides.

It usually comes with a communication app, a sonic lance(via the emitter, short range only) a local infonet browser, a filter to make the owner appear to be whatever race they select, in their normal habitat, a camera app, and several others the GM selects. It raises an alarm when it's low on power, so charging it while you sleep usually prevents that. It's usually found with its charger cable wrapped around it.

It usually sells for 50,000 credits in good condition. It holds 50 aps normally.

The communication app uses a hidden camera just above the touch screen to allow you to see and hear the person(filtered) that you contacted. If they don't have an Appmaster, the screen might be blank(as with a standard communicator).

How would you do a Forbidden Planet inspired Id monster? I don't know if an advanced invisible stalker is really strong enough, but it doesn't have to be perfect... and how would you tie it into a power source as a limiting factor?

Actually Solid holographics include force field projectors. It would be limited by it's mobile emitter and nearness to a solid holographic equipped room. If you lure it to a pit it cant climb out of, find a way to power drain it, or burn out it's emitter, you could destroy it.

Forbidden planet had a planet wide wish projector. That's why they had to blow the planet up.

The thing was like a mountain giant designed by a Salvador Dali wannabe.

50:Laser Sword
A metal tube with a covered plug at one end, and a crystal set into the other. When you press and hold the button on the side, the light blade cycles through dagger, short sword, longsword, and great sword length. When you press it again, the light blade vanishes. It ignores mundane physical armor, is +2 to hit and damage, does 1D6 bonus burning damage, and does 3D6 bonus damage on a crit. It stores 6 hours of running time. Mystics can recharge it fully by meditating while holding it for a half hour.

10,000 GPV.

51:Elf Gate A
At noon each day it is open for one hour leading to the nearest Elf gate to your home or home base.

51:Elf Gate B
At midnight each day it opens and aberrations(appropriate to party level) come through. It is open for an hour so you can disable one and throw it back as a warning to the others.

52. Hourglass
It looks like an ordinary wooden frame hourglass of hand-held size with sand inside. But the wood is actually a composite resin 3D printed out and the glass is impact/shatter-resistant silicate. The sand inside is really made from advanced polymer materials to be both hypoallergenic and biodegradable (should it ever get loose from the container).

Unfortunately... it's also about 1.02 seconds slow. Removing 15 grains will correct this, but will require a very accurate digital timer to detect this and a highly accurate mass/ratio scanner to determine the weight/mass/grains needed to be removed.

53. Digital Hourglass Calibrator
This small electronic device is specifically calibrated to test the accuracy of hourglasses or other timekeeping devices that utilize mass or objects for timing. The scanner is set up facing the object (it does not possess thermal or night-vision capabilities, so there must be adequate lighting). The time parameters for the monitored hourglass are inputted into the digital display and then the hourglass is turned and allowed to run. Afterwards, the reader will display how accurate the hourglass is and possible methods of adjustment if needed.

While some characters can go partially intangible(faith healers), reach in and take a pinch of sand, then count the grains, you can just say"sand is almost out, that's an hour".

Goth Guru wrote:

Handheld Formers. It’s shaped like a pistol with a touchscreen mounted on top. Once you select a final form and pull the trigger, the supply in front of it transforms into the desired object, wall, door, or whatever. It can convert 20 batches per charge and all its’ memory is burned in.

26.Brown. Reforms only dirt, rock, and or minerals. 1500 GPV
27.Black. Reforms FP plastic as well as pigments, rock dust, and other ingredients. 2000 GPV
28.White. . Reforms UPB into all the described technology. 2500 GPV
(1 grain per 5 foot cube of stone, reshaped to form walls, bridges, or whatever)
(expensive and magic items must be formed from an equal value of UPB, and the spells cast on the results)
29. Grey. Reforms organic matter such as plant fiber, bones, teeth, ivory, ect. 3000 GPV
30. Green. Reforms FP, UPB, stone, nonliving organic matter, minerals, and metal. 3500 GPV
31. Red. Reforms living flesh. If hostile, Fort DC18. 5000 GPV
(Can heal all damage and reattach limbs on a DC18 heal check. May require heart restart.)
32. Blue. Combines functions of green and red. 10,000 GPV
(UPB formed bionics can be seamlessly attached to nerve tissues)
33. Orange. Reforms DNA. Requires DC20 heal check to make desired change. 50,000 GPV
Nat 20 adds the desired change or mutation with no new defect.
Normal success makes the desired change, or mutation, and adds a defect.
Fail adds random mutation and defect.
Fumble adds defect only.
34. Prismatic.. All DCs are +4. 200,000 GPV
You have to select the color/function and then select the new form of the materials.

35 Purple. Reforms anything, randomly. A dead body is affected by reincarnation. A pile of junk is turned into a random piece of technology. A trashed robot will become a random robot or android body. A dead monster(including animals) will become a random monster. In any case, they will have memories and programming from any previous life.

54: White former, with ram so data crystals can be jacked in and add it's blueprints can be added to it's list. 50 items can be added to the list before you start having to replace items.

55. Mono-Phasic Resin Coating
This resin contains millions of crystal molecules that are naturally charged with piezoelectric energy. The resin causes the object or surface it coats (about 5 feet square or a Small object) to repel intangible or phased intrusion into or through the object. It has no appreciable effect when coating creatures, as most creature's bio-electric fields seem to interfere with it, but certain constructs can be coated with it unless electrically charged themselves in some way. It doesn't affect other dimensions or planes, like Ethereal or Astral travel, but otherwise trying to pass through the resin slows the object or creature requiring a full round to pass through and deals 1d6 damage + 6 electricity damage per round of phased contact. On a failed DC 12 Fortitude save, the object or creature is repulsed back.

The brush-on coating takes 5 minutes of work to apply fully to an area or object (less if a smaller area or object is coated) and lasts for 6 hours. The spray on applicator takes only 1 minute to apply (less for smaller areas or objects) but only lasts for 1 hour.

This type of coating can be permanently worked or applied to most objects and surfaces in a lasting manner when created or installed; the durations here are only for the quick-coat versions of the mono-phasic resin applicators.

56. Laser Sharpener
Similar to a whetstone for sharpening blades, this device uses laser technology to both measure cutting surfaces into microns and to shear metal to razor sharpness. It's as effective as an ordinary sharpening stone, but takes half the time. It has no effect on actual laser swords. This version is only calibrated to sharpen blades of iron construction, such as steel or other ferrous alloy, not crystal or other metals. It might be possible to adjust or recalibrate for other metals, such as mithril, adamantine, bronze, or possibly glass, but it would require an hour of work and two DC 15 checks with a suitable skill or Knowledge, made at the start and at the mid-point of the task, with failure indicating a miscalculation. Once recalibrated would then have to be reset again to work on iron implements.

55-You mean wholly on another plane. Passwall and such try to shortcut through the etheric.

57: Collar of mutation suppression.
When put on it locks and transforms the wearer into a blond, blue eyed, white, human. If the item is removed(by the key, lock picking, or a knock spell) all mutations are at +4 levels for an hour. It adjusts for different sizes of necks.

Legend Lore or knowledge history 30 will tell you this was originally made by a lost, bigoted, society that was overthrown by mutants, ethnic groups,and other rebels who discovered how to use it against their oppressors.

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