It’s time for the community to reject Myfarog

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137ben wrote:
Anyhow, I find it ironic that the people complaining that this 'game' shouldn't even be discussed on a forum because it might give it more publicity are, in fact, giving the game more publicity by bumping this thread.

Thats actually not what I claimed at all. I claimed that getting the industry and paizo forumgoers all together to make a big show of publically denouncing (which anyone who has spent more than a month on the internet realizes morphs into a de facto attempt at blackballing really quickly) had a very good chance of backfiring. I alluded to the results of the pizza place and bakery that received that treatment over their various forms of bigotry and the hundreds of thousands of dollars they received in support from other bigots as a potential consequence of making a huge production of "denouncing" this tripe rather than letting it die in the obscurity it deserves. I could also point out that Chik-fil-A posted some of the highest numbers it had achieved in quite some time immediately after people made a big production of how they were going to boycott it for their CEO's donation to anti LGBT organizations.

As an example supporting my stance, it took like 2 posts from Mechapoet's academic defense of the behavior for someone to post a (now removed) query about whether anything could be found to get it removed from Amazon entirely.

Thats exactly the behavior that lets people like this paint themselves as persecuted and rally support around things that would otherwise fall flat.

Community Manager

Locking thread for review.
Edit: Leaving thread locked. Advocating violence against others is not okay.

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