Does Pushing Assualt with a reach weapon break a charge?

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The feat in question.

If the attacker has the reach advantage, and pushing assault is used as part of a readied action against a charge, or as part of an attack of opportunity against a charge, what happens to the person charging? Do they lose movement but keep going or is the charge invalidated?

For example, say an orc with a greatsword charges a human with a longspear and they manage to hit the orc on the AoO and they use pushing assault on the AoO.

Nothing explicit but this seems to imply the charge becomes invalid:
"If any line from your starting space to the ending space passes through a square that blocks movement, slows movement, or contains a creature (even an ally), you can't charge."

Sovereign Court

You ask a very specific variation of the general question: can you invalidate charges by knocking the charger off-course somehow?

There are quite a few ways to do this;

  • Readied action to bull rush/reposition the attacker as soon as he's in reach, before he attacks.
  • Stepping away with a readied action, even just plain backwards, just after the attacker finished moving. Can the charger swerve or run a little further?
  • Creating a pit in the charge lane (does it force a jump/sudden stop?)
  • Stepping into a charge lane directed at an ally as a readied action (can the charge now target you instead?)
  • You're standing invisibly in the charge lane and the attacker doesn't know he's going to have to go through you. You're not willing to attack the charger with an AoO because it would break your invisibility spell, but can he still barrel through your square?

Ultimately the issue is contentious (many threads). On the one hand a strict reading of the charge rules suggests all of these would invalidate a charge. Cinematically, most of them shouldn't. The discussions often focus on the absurdity of strict RAW in situations like these.

I'd say it's pretty cinematic that someone charges forward and gets knocked back for their effort.

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