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Ignoring the irony..Thanks to the tech team for cleaning that latest incursion up so quickly. It's strange how depressing it is to log on to paizo and see all that rubbish. This burst seemed to only last a week or so - greatly appreciated. :)

The actual point of this post was in response to Chris's comment in the recently locked thread that there's no need to flag spam posts. Without giving anything away re:tactics, is it still useful to you or is it a total waste of time?

I don't feel compelled to hunt down every post, but if I see something that's been there for a couple of hours I tend to flag it in case it's been missed by the laser. I don't feel obligated, but I'm happy to do so provided there's some (even marginal) benefit. If it literally has no purpose then I'll probably not bother.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

If the post has been around a few minutes, go ahead and flag it. Thanks!

No worries. Thanks, Vic.

Liberty's Edge

I am seeing a lot of spam on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Rules Question and Gameplay Discussion subforum. Please flag the spam. (I accidentally flagged one as an another item, but I must have flagged 8 threads.)

Dark Archive

Yep, the spammers are back, and it's so not what Paizo staff need right now. Maybe it's a good thing they're in a different forum this time? Flagging away!

Technology Manager

Cleared out the batch, we'll check the laser on Monday. Infrastructure work we did might have disabled it.

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