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Heya kids, here be your discussion thread.

I'm Dien! I'll be your captain for this flight. Remember to buckle up and follow the instructions of a flight attendant. In the event of a TPK please see to your own PP first!

A few things:
-Maps will be handled using Google Drawings. If you cannot normally access Google Drawings, PLEASE TELL ME NOW. It seems like there's always someone who halfway into the first combat tells me "I can't use the map." It's one thing if you can't access it at work or something but can check it later and just need someone to move you in the moment, but it's not fun for the whole scenario.

-I will roll initiatives for you, occasionally perception, and usually saves; please make sure you have any unusual bonuses/etc clearly listed on your sheets.

-This is a Season 0, so yeah, y'all prolly gonna curbstomp it.

Given this is a relatively low-level game, I doubt anybody has anything too weird, but, standard disclaimer; If you have any cool, unusual, bizarre, complicated, or strange abilities or senses, lemme know now. This would be things like 'immediate actions to force rerolls' (actually immediate actions in general since they can be complicated in PBP), special senses like tremorsense or other weird stuff, aaaaand anything else you think worth mentioning.

-Gameplay will start sometime in the next few days, once I'm satisfied I've prepped sufficiently. The table mustered pretty quick, so we'll likely begin before the original date of Friday.

-I try to ask for a post a day, with acceptable slow-downs over the weekend. As the GM, I will try and keep things moving, of course, but I'm no particular rush to get it done, either. If you need to be done with this by [some important date], I'd suggest you either pick a different character or yield your spot to another player or the like, because I don't really enjoy having to rush through a PBP, as I like building atmosphere and exploring RP. If you haven't posted in 24 hours (48 on weekends), I reserve the right to bot you if we're waiting on you.

Go ahead and post your PFS #, faction, player and character name, and, if you like, your day job check. I know lots of people like to use re-rolls on those if not used in the scenario itself, so if you roll it now but don't use the re-roll in the course of the scenario you may still roll it again at the end.

Any questions?

(Oh, we are playing 4-5, but GM V, if you want to bring your Level 3 Wizard that should be fine. The party is all solidly in tier aside from that and.... it's Season 0, so yeah.)

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