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Aberration creature has thorns with poison that does 1d4 damage, DC17, requires consecutive 2 saves, duration 2 rounds. Player are poisoned when they hit it.

If they pass the first save, they get no damage that first round. Correct or not?

CRB wrote:
"Making your initial saving throw against a poison means stacking does not occur—the poison did not affect you and any later doses are treated independently."


The key part here is "...and any later doses are treated independently."
This implies that an initial save causes no con damage which matches with "the poison did not affect you", but there still needs to be a saving throw for this dose the following round AND other doses are treated independently. So four hits in a round might be as follows:

Round 1
Hit #1: DC17 - Saved - no stacking (DOSE #1)
Hit #2: DC17 - Failed - doses stack (DOSE #2)
Hit #3: DC19 - Saved - no stacking (DOSE #2) - 3 rounds duration instead of 2 rounds
Hit #4: DC17 - Saved - no stacking (DOSE #3)

Round 2
Dose #1: DC17 - Saved - Poison ends (no con damage was ever take from this dose).
Dose #2: DC19 - Failed - one more round to go, one more save required, all new hits add onto the DC19 and increase the duration.
Dose #3: DC17 - Failed - Poison ends (con damage occurred only in the 2nd and final round)

Is this correct?

Scarab Sages

Okay, the yellow box here does a better job than the prd (which also has typos on it).

Basically, you ignore the poison if you pass the initial save. If you fail the initial save, you are poisoned take the damage as listed. you then continue saving each round, failure causing damage, until the duration ends, you make the require number of saves, or you die (in the case of Con damage). Making a save after being poisoned does prevent you from taking damage and counts towards the required number of saves, but doesn't remove the poison until the saves are meet.

If the SAME type of poison affects an already poisoned enemy, the poison DC increases by +2 and the duration increases by 1/2 of the original duration, but they are not poisoned twice. So a PC can only be affected by the same type of poison once at a given time (additional doses just increase DC and duration).

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