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Hey there! I just started my Adventure Path and Campaign Setting subscriptions back up yesterday. However it lookalike I'm being double-billed for them and getting two copies of each sub. I'm not sure if there was a hiccup in processing and the subscriptions went through twice. I don't see anything in the "manage my subscriptions" section that indicates how it's happening.

If you could reduce the number of items I receive to 1 from each sub that would be wonderful! I know one is already shipping/paid for and that's fine (these things happen!)

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Hello Robert,

Thank you for letting us know. I have reduced the subscriptions down to just one of each. I am not sure why you ended up set for 2 to begin with!The issue should be taken care of now. If you see more than one of each on the authorization for your March order please let us know right away.

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Thanks muchly, Diego!

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