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So Dragon's Demand has been buzzing in my brain for the last couple of days. I'm still working out the particulars for the character creation. I figured while I'm parsing through Pathfinder lore, I would like to see who would be interested in playing. No need to build a full character, just an elevator pitch of the type of PC you would like to play. That way I have an idea of what type of audience is out there for this game. This module can be ran for PFS certs if the selected few wish credit.

As of right now, there are couple of absolutes.

1) I will be using GM Giuseppe's Standard Pathfinder Vintage guidelines (with a few modifications) for character creation. So that's 2013 and before.

2) I'm highly considering a sliding scale point buy depending on size of party.

3) There will be a mini-adventure to bring the party together before getting into the official beginning of Dragon's Demand. This is to make sure I like you, you like me and to make sure there is good chemistry between all members. It's a nice buffer in case the game doesn't work out. (Honestly, how many times have you defended Oleg's fort or been ambushed in Sandpoint?)

The module is supposed to take characters from level 1 to 7. Completion of the module may take 6 to 15 months of daily posting. Dragon's Demand is a standard fantasy role playing adventure with its Dungeons & Dragons.

New comers to Pathfinder & PbP are welcome.

I'll be happy to field any questions you may have or just go ahead and post what type of PC you would like to play.

I am interested. I am still rather new to Pbps, only been on since August of last year. I have gotten into five Pbps since, two of which have seemed to died and one of those gave way to another when we found a new GM and one of the three I am still in is a mini-adventure. I have never seen or used Standard Pathfinder Vintage till now, so I just need to read it in depth.

Also, to warn you I am dyslexic. While I do use word for spellcheck, it doesn't always catch everything and if I post from my phone while at work this is only worse because it has the worst auto-correct in the world.

As for what character I would like to play a Fighter with the Polearm Master archtype. Shall I put one together for you?

I'm interested, though I may be a little slow in posting at the start--am currently partway through running The Consortium Compact, and I'll have more time when it's done. The Vintage PF concept sounds interesting. AFAICT, that means we can use Core, APG, ARG, and all of the Ultimates books, but not ACG, Occult Adventures, or Unchained. I haven't gone through the Golarion material to see what's in and what's out; do you have a breakdown on that? One other question--will you be running this for PFS credit in campaign mode?

Character concept: depends on what other folks come up with. I'm thinking straight rogue, or possibly vanilla bard if we have enough people.

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Need a half-orc druid for healing? If you want pure core rule book, I can do that.

interested. I have plenty of character concepts, however, I am thinking of something along the roguish feel.

Sovereign Court

I'm interested but I have run this a few times. Just never got a chance to play it.

I'm fine with a tank/healer type or possibly a sorceror of some sort.

I am also interested, what are your posting requirements? I'm looking for something that will be acted on frequently. I can definitely fill roles needed, but interested in at least a partial caster support type.

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Timeskeeper: Glad to see you join the ranks. Sorry your initial ride has been a bumpy one. Sadly, your Jade Regent game will probably disband sometime in May, if not soon. That's the typically MO of the that GM. You don't have to create a full character right now. But feel free to start formulating one.

Elendyr: Here are a list of sources by release date. Anything 2013 or before is kosher. And this game can be run PFS credit if those selected wish it and we have at least 3 players to report a table.

Jol: Daily posting requirement for the PCs, more is always welcome. I typically can post daily if not multiple times per day.

If interest continues to build, I'll post a more formal Recruitment thread later this week.

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Dragon's Demand is one adventure which I know nothing of so I'd like the chance to put forward a character.

The way you are planning to run a mini-adventure sounds even better, those comments about Sandpoint and Olegs strike a chord with me - especially the latter.

I'd be interested in playing a monk or paladin, after a succession of rogues and bards. Something Good with a capital G.


I'm interested for this. I have a new character concept I've been wanting to try out for a while!

Do you have preferences on races? Starting to throw some characters together and I'll play around what others choose

Oh now that is just depressing.... Well just gotta keep your head up and do you best to move on! ^_^ After all, it's the journey and the people you meet along the way that make this fun!

Scarab Sages

I'm interested and will work up a paladin. I would like to try the class out but would rather not commit to a full length AP since I haven't played one before.

I'd be happy to reserve the choice of melee or ranged until the party composition is known. That way I could fill in any gaps that might exist.

Ghostbreath cries a little, forever lost in the Harrowing.

I would be interested in Dragon's Demands, whatever the rules. I find your games... challenging, but in an interesting way.

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why I say old boy. I'd love to play some dragon's demand

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I am also interested

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Well, I may get the band back together if there is interest in returning to the Harrowed Lands. January wasn't a good time for me to try breath life back into that game. As long as we don't have any more frat boys joining 8 games, then dumping them all when mid-terms come around. =vD

Timeskeeper: Great motto to live by. An old girlfriend lives life that way. I try to do the same.

Jol: As for races, Core for sure. Anything outside of that, I'm researching to make sure it fits with the theme of a small town nestled between Andor, Taldor and Galt.

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I've had this kobold made for,over a year and never used it... I want in, but if kobold are not allowed... @#$%

But this kobold is easy to edit... Well, easy enough.

Plan on being a support anyways.

I'd be interested as well.

Come on man!!!

How can I pass this up!!!

This paladin or a witch.

Any idea on when you might put up an official recruitment thread? Or do you want characters posted here?


I'd be interested too.

Using this crossblooded sorcerer type.

Just need to tweak the back story and other frills, but otherwise he's ready to go.

If not Juraan, I also have Tincorva, a gnome sorcerer, no archetypes. I originally built Juraan for a campaign, but wasn't selected, and Tincorva was in a campaign, but the DM had to give that one a miss because he was too busy with that "real life" stuff. :o

How much, or how little, do you expect for backstories?


If the one Iron God AP recruitment turns out to be a dud, Aada's one cleric ready for action.

The Exchange

I'm champing at the bit to see this game take off - so if its okay I'm going to start putting a character together based off what you have told us so far.

It usually takes a few drafts anyway to get the entire PC meshed together so will give me something to mull over while you decide stuff, DM Nebten.



I'd be interested in Dragon's Demand for the same reason as some of the others here. I am unfamiliar with it. Which would make it more interesting.

Apart from tidying up a bit of backstory stuff, this sorcerer is pretty well ready to go as is.

The Exchange

Looks like I'm going down the line of making a human druid of the Verduran Forest.

I'm very glad to see someone using my format! I'm tempted to apply to this game and if this becomes a true thing, I think I will! :)

Alright, it was a dud so I'm up for it. One questionable cleric of Calistria coming right up. XD

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Well, anyways, I am very interested, but I'm hoping for a high fantasy build (25+ point build). I just believe that gives more opportunity for the player. They can get their required stats where they're needed, and be able to put some time into intelligence and constitution.

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