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Could check this order please? I needed 6 of the character sheets. Not 6 x6 of them. If it's too late to change the order, that fine as well. Thanks Ehb1022

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Hi there ehb,

Thanks for letting us know! Sorry for the confusion, but since the Complete Character Folio 6-pack is a bundle, it's essentially showing the bundle and the actual folios as separate items on the order. If you look at the confirmation email, you'll see the 6-pack listed under "Bundles", and also listed under "Digital Purchases" since you'll receive the PDFs as well. In the shipments section, you'll see the actual folios, with a quantity of 6.

Again, I apologize for the confusion with the confirmation email, but you should still be getting the right amount of products and not paying extra. Just let me know if there are any further questions or concerns that you may have, and I'll be more than happy to help out.


Scarab Sages

What I was saying was that I need 6 of the character sheets; not six 6-packs of them (ie. 36 character sheets).

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Hello ehb1022,

I just took a look at the order and the bundle was misbehaving. You only ordered 1 six pack and that is what is on the order, as Katina mentioned the order will show you the component parts of the bundle as well as the bundle itself. However our system is confused about the bundle. Our system breaks down the bundle price and divides them up by component part, for example if you use a hardcover/PDF bundle you will be charged for the PDF when it is added to the account and then the remained of the bundle price when the physical book ships. In this case it thought each of the 6 component sheets was valued at the full bundle price. I have adjusted that and you should be receiving an updated email confirmation reflecting the correct price.

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