Shayliss, the parties Barbarian and fun! (mildly NSFW, spoilers)

Rise of the Runelords

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OK, so it's not that risque, but it does involve Shayliss so I put the tags up.

My parties Barbarian was the one who impressed Shayliss in her encounter during the raid, so he was the one who she tried to seduce.
Note the tried there.

Sure, the Barbarian showed up to her place looking sharp and neatly groomed (via prestidigitation). He also brought with him food and drinks (provided by two very helpful PC's). However not being all that experienced having no experience at all in the art of love, when it came down to the action part of the evening he thought “wrestling” with Shayliss with one hand behind his back and naked meant that he was actually wrestling with Shayliss with the disadvantage of being naked with one hand behind his back.

As such, our wonderful “hero” of this tale repeatedly ignored several blatant attempts to interest him in furthering his sexual education including several lines that had the table in stitches. This includes such safer things to post as “Why you stick your tongue in my mouth? That not wrestling!” and more than one accusation of cheating when a clearly frustrated Shayliss doubled down by putting both hands on a very personal area of our heroes anatomy instead of trying to get out of a hold. “Why you cheat and not wrestle? This how you wrestle!” PIN

Of course this is when dear old dad showed up to which our hero promptly offered to “wrestle” him in this new style of wrestling that he had just learned from his daughter. He even remembered to tell dad that he had to get naked first to do it correctly.

Yeah. That went over well.

After the third punch connected to our heroes face with the only reaction from dad being “ the best bleeping rage you have seen from a non Barbarian”, our hero decided that the wrestling match had already begun and immediately grappled/pinned dad in two rounds.

That's when the still naked Shayliss broke the bottle of very expensive Dwarven spirits over the Barbarians head.

Our hero decided at that point that, “You all sore losers and cheaters. Me go home now.”

It wasn't until he got outside that he figured out that while he had remembered to put on his pants before leaving that he had neglected to put on his shirt. Oddly enough the door to Shayliss's house was locked when he turned around to get it.

Lantern Lodge

I too targeted the barbarian for Shayliss' advances. Ven Vinder's improved unarmed strike and power attack had my party convinced he was some kind of badass monk.

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