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I need advice on a character idea I have (backstory/motivations related), but I'm not sure it can work. He is an ecclesitheurge cleric/wizard mystic theurge whose life goal is to pass the Test of the Starstone.

Originally, I planned to make a deity-less cleric, but the Domain Mastery ability sucks if you only have access to two domains. Since he's a mystic theurge, I figured I might as well try to collect as much utility as possible. I'll be taking 1-2 crafting feats as well.

So, I decided that Nethys might be a good option for his deity. However, as he pretty much plans on becoming a deity of magic, I'm not sure it could work. Wouldn't Nethys view him as a threat (deny him cleric powers and maybe try to kill him) because he could possibly "take his job" as the deity of magic?

Or, are those extra domain spells not even worth it? Should I just go with my original deity-less idea to avoid the worship issues?

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Maybe I've been watching too much "Doctor Who," but who's to say that your character isn't going to become Nethys?

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I entertain the idea that gods are actually facets of what they embody. So maybe your guy is a possible future god of magic, better adapted to future needs than Nethys himself. I think Nethys would allow this experiment to run its course unless the new would-be god proves detrimental to magic itself

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Nethys is also the god of creation and destruction. Somebody looking to be another god of magic might be right up is alley.

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