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I'm going to be in OC, Ca February 15th to the 18th, and I was wondering if there are any groups I could join for scenario and snag a chronicle sheet. Unfortunately, I can't find any recent info on any PFS groups there. Can anyone offer some advice?

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There definitely are groups that meet regularly in the OC. The 15th is the last day of a local convention at the LAX Hilton however so a number of them may still be there. I believe Ashton Schmitt and/or Brandy Camel are the two you want to message about local games there.

Cool, thanks for the info :)

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As Zach mentioned, the last day of OrcCon at the LAX Hilton is on Monday the 15th. You can see the schedule here: OrcCon

If you're interested in trying to track down a week day game, a list of the stores that run games in the area can be found here: SoCal PFS

Thanks Ashton

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