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I think it would be neat if they recognized each other from the forge but were not particularly familiar with each other. Of course if Rogar held some debt/grievance/friendship with the house that Smith worked for that could make for some fun hooks later on.

Here are the basic stats on Keldor. I will put put up his background tomorrow.


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So many good ideas! I know that with this many people willing to play, you need a good idea to 'sell' yourself, but I am still willing to be the wild card, and make a character that fills the gaps in the party.
(as I said, I usually work better with less options then more)

I would also *love* to play a game with pirate rob

Sounds good, they could just be occasional acquaintances and/or friendly rivals in the local smithing business.

EDIT: Rogar's sheet, background etc. are now finished.

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He'sDeadJim wrote:
I haven't seen this one yet: Background Skills?

No, just the standard skill system.

Awesome characters so far everyone, and I love that some of you are already connecting your characters to some extent.

Pirate Rob wrote:
I think it would be neat if they recognized each other from the forge but were not particularly familiar with each other. Of course if Rogar held some debt/grievance/friendship with the house that Smith worked for that could make for some fun hooks later on.

Thats a nice idea

Fixed and all 1st level GM Ahayzo.

So here is my outline for Vivaliaas:

The young woman first awoke in an unknown marsh, alone and unaware of where she was. Undeterred by this, she quickly fashioned some clothing out of nearby ferns, settled on an appellation for herself –Vivaliaas, yes, that feels right – and set out towards the nearest settlement. Appearing suddenly in a strange land was nothing new or unexpected to "Viv". She was a Samsaran, and such was their place: to reincarnate into new forms again and again upon death, each life experiencing more and attuning their sprit until, finally balanced, it would pass on to the Great Beyond. She even took it in stride when the startling appearance of a faerie dragon before her triggered an instinctual stunning prismatic spray from her form. So, I am an arcanist in this incarnation? No, not arcane, something internal. Created from pure thought. Most interesting.

But when a few days’ travel brought her to Seredan, Viv finally found a cause for concern. She was in River Kingdoms in the Inner Sea, far from her kind’s normal lands in Tian Xia. Though Samsarans had been known to emerge reborn quite a distance away from where their predecessor passed, to leap continents…Such a thing was almost unheard of.

An awareness of how alone Viv was began weighing on the newly born woman. Her blue skin marked her as “other” in a land ignorant of Samsarans, and those she met could not speak her native tongue. It was only after days of demonstrating her strange psychic abilities for food and lodging that word of this odd newcomer attracted the attention of a passing Gokan merchant, who took gave her a job aborad his boat as he moved throughout the River Kingdoms.

Exceptionally bright and motivated, Viv picked up Taldane quickly, and begin devouring any scant news and history from Tian Xia she could in order to learn more about her own history. Months of research hinted that Viv was at least the fourteenth incarnation of itself, but while her past lives had included priests, warriors, and scoundrels, none appeared to have ever crossed the Crown of the World into Avistan. Frustrated, she continued her search for answers with a shifted focus. Perhaps it was not something about her that led her to be reborn in this distant land, but about this place? Viv began a life of doing odd jobs in and around the various cities of the riverlands, adventuring enough to pay for food lodging and texts while trying to find something about the area unique enough to explain her birth.

About two years ago, she believed she may have finally found her answer. In a routine protection assignment, one of Viv’s fellow mercenaries was a creature almost as rare as her: an android. The unholy fusion of technology and flesh fascinated the Samsaran. Here are other creatures whose mind and persona are brought into a body outside the conventions of birth. But their forms are constructed by machines, not magic. And do their souls continue on after death in some way? Do they even have souls? Though the time she spent alongside this first android was brief, Viv left that job assured that she had found her purpose for being here: to learn more about the strange creatures called androids, and perhaps by doing so discover how to bring her own body and spirit into better balance.

Viv left the River Kingdoms and traveled to the dangerous land of Numeria, where all the stories said the androids emerged from. While her hopes of a land teeming with androids were soon dashed by her discovery of how still relatively rare they were, she nonetheless has spent the last two years traveling around several of the smaller border towns, relentlessly interviewing the androids she meets and hunting down records and writings on them. Her blunt curiosity has on more than one occasion brought the careful eye of the Technic League down on her, but each time she has managed to move on before a strict enforcer came to call on her. In truth, Viv was never especially interested with the rest of the strange metal technology that dotted the landscape at first. But over time she has started to become more curious about the other odd relics dotting the landscape as well, thinking that perhaps their link to the emergence of androids could be an important clue in her investigations into the spirit.

Upbeat and inquisitive, Vivaliaas is cautious with newcomers at first, a side-effect of spending her whole life as an outsider. Once she gets to know someone however her warm attitude shines through. She can also be introspective on occasion, due to her extensive musings on the nature of the soul, and has flirted with both Pharasman and Brighan ideologies in the past. As the campaign would begin based on the Player's Guide she would be returning to Torch after passing through several months ago, hoping to reconnect with the wizard Khonnir Baine, who hosted her and befriended her when she last was in the town.

I will also try to get the stat block up by Thursday (I'll try for tomorrow, but will be busy for most of the day and may not finish it).

I can't possibly pass up the chance to use Sacred Geometry. That feat is so interesting, I've wanted to use it since it came out.

This is a character I prepared for a different Iron Gods campaign, but was not selected. I'll need to tweak the build to match this campaigns ruleset, but otherwise it's mostly complete.

Keldor's Background:

Keldor was born into the ancient Whisthawk family, a 1/2 elf clan with history to goes all the way back to the re- founding of of Kyonin. One of the few groups to step up and welcome the elves back to Golarion with open arms, the family was thanked by being declared official ambassadors and defenders of Kyonin and one of the first non-elves to be offered citizenship. Despite the obvious elven pity for the family's heritage, the Whisthawks have taken to the role as ambassadors and soldiers with enthusiasm, using their worship of Erastil as the foundation of their family's values.

Keldor himself was trained to be a soldier originally, until his natural magic erupted with the appearance of the Whisthawk family Eidolon, Gauntlet. Each generation gains the aid of the powerful outsider that always appears as a fully armored elven warrior, complete with closed helmet. Always an armored bipedal creature, Gauntlet's fine details often are different to each individual generation. The last appearance had Angelic overtones, while the previous version to that seemed to have Fey-like features.

Unfortunately for Keldor, Gauntlet appears to have taken on a machine-like appearance this time which has caused many in the Whisthawk family to worry about Keldor. Never in the recorded history has the Whisthawk Eidolon taken on such strange golem-like features. Feeling out of place for the first time in the family compound in Iadara, Keldor volunteers to finish his training as a summoner in the gnomish community of Omesta. There among the mechanically inclined gnomes, he hoped to master this incarnation of Gauntlet and eventually find a way to use his abilities to aid the Whisthawks in their endeavors to protect Kyonin.

It is in Omesta where he encounters his first Numerian artifact. Nothing more than a toy that flashes and spins, it thereafter opens Keldor's mind to the potential of Numerian technology and his endless curiosity for engineering. Immediately he begins researching more and more about technology and Numerian history, and begins to write back and forth with a kind Numerian wizard in the town of Torch. Keldor worries however. Ever since his fascination began with advanced technology, Gauntlet has taken on even more mechanical aspects to his form. His gnomish master, the great gnome summoner Gween-Twas d'Fela, always waves away his worry and reminds him that the Eidolon is nothing more than a reflection of the summoner's inner self. For some reason that has not brought any comfort to Keldor.

Keldor has arrived in Torch by caravan now, his training complete, looking forward to finally meeting his pen-pal and perhaps investigating more Numerian technology up-close...finally!

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Whatever character I end up making, the background will stay the same.
If people want, they could be traveling with the ratfolk caravan so they have a reason to be in Torch (the starting point of the adventure).

Either because they want to go to torch, or are underway to another destination, and then, well destiny happens ;)

Woran wrote:
If people want, they could be traveling with the ratfolk caravan so they have a reason to be in Torch (the starting point of the adventure). Either because they want to go to torch, or are underway to another destination, and then, well destiny happens ;)

My background ends with Keldor arriving in Torch by caravan so...

I've updated my character build to match the build rules for this game. The basic path is spellslinger wizard leading into eldritch knight, shooting technological and magical lasers through his various guns, while searching for clues to his past. He'll use his knowledge of engineering to make modifications to his guns on the fly, to fine tune them for spell channeling (Sacred Geometry).

Everyone's characters look so cool and fun! Whoever makes the cut, I think it is going to be a good group.

For my part, I really hope to have the opportunity to make use of Kaziya's #1 gimmick: sneak attacking with grenades. (Not until level 4, but still! So much fun.)

Hmm... instead of eldritch knight, I may just stay more casty and go into the technomancer prestige class. I'll need to read up on the technology rules and see what would work better.

Either way, spellslinger wizard is just too cool to pass up, especially with all the fancy tech guns.

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Oh PLEASE PLEASE accept my application for...

♫ ♫ ♫ dah, dah, daaaaaah,♫ ♫ ♫

Haileyanka Nine, the gun totin' gunslinger Gynoid (that's a female android for you who don't know!) from the outer rim!

I've been wanting to play IG since it came out! I've been playing since 2nd edition, lots of pathfinder the last few years, and recently discovered Call of Cthulhu in my table top group. A role player at heard, I like long walks on the beach and all that...

Her stats need a few tweeking for her android-ness, but other than that is PFS legal.

Thanks for this offering of Iron Gods, the best AP concept from Paizo thus far!!!

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EDIT: also will update to Teckslinger Archtype if cartmanbeck decides not to go that way. Hi Cartmanbeck! It's me, Paige Nightsong! *hugs*

Haileyanka Nine wrote:
EDIT: also will update to Teckslinger Archtype if cartmanbeck decides not to go that way. Hi Cartmanbeck! It's me, Paige Nightsong! *hugs*


An android space cowgirl? Love it. Well, as much as an android can love.

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Reading "space cowgirl" makes me really sad no one submitted a Techslinger named Maurice lol

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Haha, but I'm still a gansta-ov-love *wwwaap* *wwwaaaoooww*

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I now know what to name my Gunslinger I was going to play through the PFS scenario that retrains you to Techslinger :)

Quick dot so I can post something tonight, but given how many people are playing characters that have already embraced technology, I'm thinking of playing the "odd duck" character who is wary or suspicious of any and all technology.

Perhaps an old, wizened Vow Of Poverty Monk or something.

Edit: alternatively, a paladin who was reluctantly on his way to Mendev for the crusades. Very old school, "back in my day we had faith, not fancy dohikkies".

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Okay, backstory polished. Short and sweet. Like her.

Blinking in the sunlight as the glass slid away Haileyanka Nine sat up. She wasn't surprised at that crick in her neck after 1000 years in the stasis pod. But she wasn't worried about that... [reba voice]Finally I'll resume my quest for revenge on those yellow bellied cowards![/reba voice] she said. But just who was it she was after anyway? Should scratched her noggen but couldn't remember. Drat! Those memory circuits w'll need some repairs again. But first, I'll be needin' to find some guns...

And where's my damn hat??

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Been reading through the other entries and finding lots of awesome characters.

Did you say you had a broken brain well let me have a look.

I thing there is possible full party of android / cynoids now cool

What's the end of enrollment date gm ?

Pretty sure the GM had said recruitment would stay open until the 31st.

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GM Ahayzo wrote:

I will leave submissions open until 11:59PM GMT -7, January 31st. Obviously since this is PbP, there isn't a strict start time, but I will notify everyone chosen by midnight the night of February 3rd, and will post the intro after I have notified you all.

Cool I was not 100%


And here I thought I was the first person to post =(

A little bit about me:

Hiyo! Name's Eric. Just started doing PbP a few months ago but I already love it. Currently GMing my first module and having a blast with it. I'm obviously no stranger to the forums or to posting. Been doing PFS since 2012. I live about 2 hours from Pirate Rob so we've gamed together plenty before. Would love the opportunity to do it again!

I work Sunday-Thursday mornings, usually 7am-2pm Pacific Time, but I often find time during work to post on my phone. Otherwise I'm free to post before work, after work, and before bed.

Initially when I saw the other thread I was thinking of making a Wyrwood Cleric of Brigh, but after seeing everyone post here I noticed a distinct lack of melee and a whole lot of tech, so I figured I'd go with a character concept that just fit the feel of the Adventure rather than the mechanics. Hope you like him! =)

Drømmer Greyskin:


Fate always seemed to be against Drømmer. Being born in the desolate, shattered hills of Numeria meant he'd have a tough start to life. A human mother and a 1/8 orc father meant less than a 10% chance he'd have orc traits himself, and yet he was born with grey tinged skin none-the-less. And to make matters worse, perhaps due to the strange radiation of his home, Drømmer was plagued with benign skin tumors during his adolescence.

Drømmer's mother, a "civilized" Kellid, always wanted the best for her son. His name meant "Dreamer" in Hallit. Drømmer's community, a small collection of miners, rock hounds, survivalists and gem merchants, venerated Desna. It was said that she was to thank for their clear view of the starry sky every night. Gazing up at those stars would help Drømmer forget about his woes as he fell asleep.

They wouldn't help him forget the day that the Technic League killed his father. Falsely accused of excavating and selling timeworn technology, Drømmer's home was attacked by the League when he was just 15. His father, ever the diplomat, tried in earnest to stop their advance with words of surrender and compromise, but that just meant he had nothing to hide behind when the assault began. Many more in his community lost their lives as well.

On that day something awoke within Drømmer. He wanted badly to rush to his dying father's side, but his body refused to move from his hiding spot. His skin, riddled with scars and grotesque growths, almost acted of its own accord; as if it had developed a mind of its own. While Drømmer raged at the world just several dozen feet away, his body held him back. When the assault was over and the League disappeared, the survivors emerged and buried their dead. They then took off to the only bastion of civilization near them: the town of Torch.

That was a year ago. As perhaps his first bit of luck, Drømmer was actually welcomed by the townsfolk of Torch. His easy-going nature made up for his appearance, and his hatred of the League found sympathy among the locals. He did odd jobs and helped support his mother until she was able to afford a place of her own again.

Drømmer had no personal interest in technology. He didn't hate it, or love it, but he recognized that others could. Though, as with any tool, he certainly admired the usefulness of it at times. And he knew that these skymetals were something special. As his physique filled out he took to protecting himself with armor as he traveled about. He'd be damned if the League would ever take him as easily as they took his father.

Drømmer's fascination and hobbies took a different path from most of his peers. He long wondered if there was something more than just orc blood coursing through his veins. Sometimes, when he dreamt, he envisioned fantastic creatures and far away places. A visiting storyteller once spoke of "aliens" and of creatures from beyond the stars, and Drømmer was hooked. He didn't know if these tales were true. He didn't know what drove him to think about them so much. All he knew was that he had to get away from this blasted place and find out.

"Bah!", he'd think to himself. "And what are the chances of THAT ever happening?"


Chaotic Good Half-Orc Bloodrager (Steelblooded archetype), Aberrant Bloodline

(5pts) 14 STR 14
(5pts) 14 DEX 16
(5pts) 14 CON 14
(5pts) 14 INT 14
(2pts) 12 WIS 12
(3pts) 13 CHA 13


+2 to One Ability Score: Half-orc characters gain a +2 bonus to one ability score of their choice at creation to represent their varied nature. (Dexterity)
Medium: Half-orcs are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Normal Speed: Half-orcs have a base speed of 30 feet.
Skilled: Half-orcs with this trait gain 1 additional skill rank per level.
Rock Climber: Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 racial bonus on Acrobatics and Climb checks.
Orc Blood: Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Sacred Tattoo: Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws.
Fey Thoughts: Select two of the following skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, (Diplomacy), Disguise, Escape Artist, Fly, Knowledge (nature), Perception, Perform, (Sense Motive), Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Swim, or Use Magic Device. The selected skills are always class skills for the character.


(max) Acrobatics
(max) Diplomacy
(max) Knowledge, Dungeoneering (for Aberrations)
(max) Knowledge, Geography (for Astronomy)
(max) Perception
(max) Sense Motive
(1pt) all other class skills


1st - Aberrant Tumor
3rd - Amplified Rage
5th - Bonded Mind
6th - Combat Reflexes (bonus)
7th - Take the Hit
9th - Raging Vitality, Iron Will (bonus)
11th - Bodyguard? TBD


Race Trait: Scholar of Ruins
Faith Trait: Fate's Favored
Campaign Trait: Stargazer


In combat he's a melee DD and tank. Combines Tumor Familiar, Valet Archetype, and Amplified Rage to get +8 Str/Con when raging, and combines Take the Hit with the familiar's Fast Healing 5 to mitigate damage. Combat Reflexes and Aberrant reach help with DD.

Out of combat he's a secondary face character with Diplomacy and Sense Motive. Traits, a decent Int, and max ranks in Knowledge (geography/dungeoneering) mean other characters can take the more useful Knowledges such as Engineering, Arcana, and Planes.

Judging by the list of applicants so far it seemed we'll have plenty of tech users already =)

---=== Background - narrative ===---:

The 1st life:
They had activated her on another world in another time, the stars in the sky did not look like the ones she looked at now. She knew that, she had been made to a single task, Unit 23 sub bay 8 maintenance and care, The maker has said that to here as she became awake and told of her duties. She came out the Forge and made her way to bay 8, only time she was out side Bay 8 until her second life.. She lived and worked in Bay 8, Her pod feeding her and giving her space to study and rest. Others worked with her, some organic some Mecha like her. She did her work with diligence as the grate maker has told her. Work and rest cycles came and went. Then one day the Alarm, Emergency! the lights flashing and much running around. Danger. She secured her part of Bay 8, locking down all systems, then she checked the Stasis pods for all the agronomics before making her way to her own. Such was the will of the great maker dictated. As she looked out of the small Stasis pods window. The wall of bay 8 ripped away, out into space, the lights went off with a blast of sparks, there across from her now was stars spinning past, then a flash of white, blue and green. A world, then it was gone. As more of the wall feel away, she franticly worked to Activating the systems on her pod.

pod: "would you like to enter Stasis?"
Steel: "Yes!"
Pod: "Please set Stasis length"

More wall fell away, to of the Bio pods flashed out into the black of space.

Steel: "I don't care just activate Stasis!"
Pod: "Default time period is set to 9999 years is that executable."

One of pay 5 workers flashed past floating off into space, he arms waving a look of fear on his face as a soundless scream came.

Steel: "Yes now just ACTIVATE!"
Pod: "There is an Emergency in progress suggest maxim Stasis shielding, do you agree"

Now her pod was coming lose and swinging out toward, only the power cables where holding it in place. The pod by her side was not so lucky it shot off out the whole into space.

Steel: "Yes Yes buy the great maker just ACTIV.."

She never finished, in a instant the pod placed her in Emergency Stasis, a mirror like impenetrable wall of Stasis shielding surrounded the pod. That was her last memory of the 1st life.

2ed life:
She was awake, but felt very stuff, odd, things where odd in her body. She was on her pack looking up at the sky, over head starts and off to once side sounds. Smashing and talking but odd, sounds that had no logic. Stiffly she got up, It was hot, there was a ball of light in the sky. She stood for a moment blinking while her mind higher brain went over her data banks, Star luminous sphere of plasma held together by its own gravity. See fusion. Looking over to the side she could see two organics digging in a hole. They had throwing out parts of Pay 6. As she looked on she could she they where pushing a Unit Bank powers cell out of the hole, it was about the same size as they where. Even she could not lift one with out a rig, but then she noted it was very badly Corroded, in fact it looked like it had no coolant left in it. That was bad, the great makers stated that all Unit Bank powers cell needed to be in kept in optimum status or they could become unstable and that would lead to..

She stated to heed their way, she has none gone more than a few steps and the two in the whole where still some 100' away when a green gas stated to leak from the cell.

"Hello!!, I think you should be careful"

The two Biological stopped still holding the large power cell. A look of puzzlement on their faces at the fact one of there finds as now standing up and talking to them.

"You need to be carful that cells it's.."

The two let go of the cell and once and made a move to get out of the whole and deal with the problem of scrap walking around and talking. Witch turned out to be a bad decision. As the hit the scrap at the bottom of the whole some thing made it spark. Just as teh two where getting up from the rim, there was a flash, Then a blasts,

She was knocked of her feet and placed on her back once more. Bits of flesh and lumps of dart landed around her as the sound of the blast passed, then dust.

After a while she stood and checked herself for dysfunction, there was a little but as the great maker has show she repaired herself.

She looked around the crater for a while, but found little left, what little there was left of her home, even as scrap was now gone.

A few days passed when something new came along, A group of organics and even some other mecha, She walked some way to them and on getting to them asked if she could have some food. When asked what work she could do to earn it she was so please,

"I can fix and mend things, organic or mecha, you need only last.
So it was she joined the caravan roots, going from one to another she has travailed far, leaned more and is happy to be called a Cleric, those her 'Magic' is nothing more energy manipulation, ninite and force tech given to her by the grate maker.

Phase 1 Questionnaire:

1. Your experience with the rules.
Been playing pathfinder form year 1, and have been roll paying for many more years, from DnD red box and Traveller book 1. I help design and play test RPGS

2. Your experience with PbP.
Been on here close to 3 years and played for years PbP wr games.

3. Expectations for playing and what you want out of the experience.
Good GM, a game GM not a rules GM, rules are there to help you form a game, they are not 'THE' form of the game. I like background good believable NPCs, respectful fellow players, an understanding communicative and regular posting GMs. :)

4. Philosophy as a PbP player.
Fluff is where the PC is, not keen on Meta gaming and Munkin play, in my view RPGs are not about 'winning' a game but 'playing' a game. If my PC gets killed, I am fine with that, as long at it follows the logic of the world and what the PC would do. I love roll playing not playing RPGS, play 1st rules 2ed.

5. Why you are applying to this game?
To try out a new and original PC, in a setting that will allow me to see what she is like and how she will act. A chance to intercalate with other interesting PCs. I really want to see how a Evil group will bond, if at all.

6. Define what you think good role-playing is in PbP.
Roll play over ruleslawyering, I like the rule of cool, I good roll player should really understand and play their PCs as they are, not to the rules and not for an idea of a 'Win' it means more to me of the PC is real over OHK power PCs.

7. What is your experience with this adventure path?
Started it once but the game did not last past getting out the cell.
Lot of GMs try this path and find it to much.

Phase 2 The Ten-Minute Background:

See Background - narrative <spoiler> for events in order with locations and how she came by her classes and skills

Step 1:Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are Important to your image of the character. These can be a concept overview, a list of important life events, a physical description, a personality profile...whatever you need to get an image in your mind. 5 is just a minimum...more elements are encouraged!

1: steel Orchid awake 7 years ago, after being in the ground for close to 10,000 years. Made on a star craft she was a tech until the disaster. She awake in a strange land where odd beings lived odd lives. They said she has magic, but all she is doing is using the powers the grate maker gave her.

Q:What drives your PC
2:Steel Orchid is driven by a need to Find the Purpose of Life, it had always had one but now its adrift, it knows it make fix things make things whole but is there more to life, more to being, can one find ones one reason to me?

Q: What as a big even in your PCs past?
3: Waking in the pod, knowing things but not knowing how she knew them.

Q: What has you PC lost in the past?
4: A dog she meet a befriended, she leaned what feelings where from it.

Q: What dos your PC hate?
5: She/It hates Disorder, when things are Chaotic and not in there ordered place.

Q: What needs dos your PC have?
6:Its need to have order and meaning in its life, it has faith there is some, that the great mechanic will show it the way.

Q: What kind of thing would you PC say.
7: "This is a logic thought"

Q: What dos you PC fear?
8: To have no reason to be.

Step 2: List at least two goals for the character.
1: Find a greater meaning to life.
2: To learn more about feelings

Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character.
1: It knows how to work technology.
2: That it is an Android.

Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character.

Step 5:Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has.
1: Waking in the Sky metal pod.

2: The Steel Orchid is OCD and will place things in order all night, cleaning any space if given a chance.

3:Can't let others suffer, will kill a thing rather than see it in pain.

Phase 3 Questionnaire Steel Orchid:

1.How does your character interact with the others within a group?
-:It is a cleric and as so will seek to shepherd and heal its group in the ways and teachings of the great maker. It gets on well with others.

2. What is your character's role in a group?
-:As a healer and spiritual guild, seeking to protect the group from demonic corruption. Not a leader but a guild for souls who seeks to aid others and things.

3. How is your character not as they seems? I want one or two skills that would surprise others if they found out he knows them. Also include personality traits, positive or negative, that would similarly surprise others.
1: It likes to cook and will spend time doing so for organics.
2: Its very young.

4. What are your character's goals, conscious and, perhaps, subconscious?
1: To gain a position to understanding in the world, Find its own meaning to being.
2: It worry's she will not please others, that it will fail in her task of fixing things.
3: Wants to see more of the world and make freands, its been alone for a long time.

5. How easily does your character love? Have they been in love?
-: This is complicated it has a knowledge of love but has yet to "feel" it

6. Is your character racist at all, either now or in their past?
-:Yes to all Chaotic beings, to it they are the broken and need to be fixed.

7. All people believe something that is not true, both about the world around them and about themselves. What lies/untruths does your character believe about themselves and the world around them?
-:It believes its grate maker will comeback with the bone it has but the bone is from a dog now long dead.
-: That evil beings act out of self interest alone.
-: That the great maker will remake the world as it was when it was new.

8. How is your character about material possessions?
-: They have a use and she likes things that look interesting.

9. What does your character perceive their major problems to be?
-: Loss of function, and meaning.
-: She knows she knows little of the world, this she feels needs to change.

10. What does she perceive the solutions to those problems to be?
-:Find others, fine a meaning to life, fix things and have a use.

11. What are your character's religious beliefs?
-:The Great maker, who made all things.

12. What does your character fear?
-:Chaos and its rule over all of creation.
-:Failure to mend or heal things.
-:Not finding a reason for being.

13. How much of a temper does your character have? What sorts of things set them off?
-:None, she can get upset when frustrated.

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Ah, Nefreet! I would LOVE to play with you too!

I'd like to submit my Lashunta Stygian Slayer.

Elevator Pitch:
Zayne was found as a young teenager wandering near Torch. Completely clueless how he got there from Castrovel and with no idea how to get home, he settled into the town as Khonnir Bann's ward.

Character projection:
Zayne, true to his trait and his race, has a thing for weapons technology. Mechanically, the goal is to become something of the Predator, transitioning from traditional to technological weapons and gear and stalking the battlefield, acting as a switch hitter and ducking in and out of the fight. From a character perspective, I want to explore a fish just slightly out of water, comfortable enough in his environment but still feeling out of place.

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Steel wrote:

---=== Background - narrative ===---:

Phase 1 Questionnaire:

Phase 2 The Ten-Minute Background:

Phase 3 Questionnaire Steel Orchid:

*gulp*. Did I miss something and I suppose to answer all these questions too?

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No. It looks like people had some of these characters as submissions for other games and copied the submission posts just to make sure everything was covered. As long as your full build is viewable by me, that's enough. Backstory helps, but I don't require it.

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Thank you, floating Anubis Head, aka, GM Ahayzo! Now I can get some sleep.

That is, as soon as my last child conks out...He's up LATE watching care bears. I'm about to go for the Chloriform!

Submitting Hroren Ironbarrow.

As mentioned earlier, I've thrown together Hroren to be played as a grumpy old curmudgeon. I'll try and fill out some more backstory stuff on him soon, but for the moment his full mechanical stats should be found on this alias.

Hroren is an ardent follower of Irori, and believes in physical perfection through hard work. He believes that just about anyone younger than him is inherently lazy, but that if he spends enough time with them, they will see his shining example and start developing better lifestyle habits.

He is not particularly smart, and as such, Hroren is wary of anything that he doesn't particularly understand (arcane magic and technology included). He has a particular hatred of robots and other constructs, believing them to be a direct affront to his deity: artificially engineered machines seek to emulate the perfection of organic life.

Hroren has travelled to torch to find out more about the robot that was recently dug up from the expedition, and to destroy any others that can be found under the mountain.

Haileyanka Nine wrote:
That is, as soon as my last child conks out...He's up LATE watching care bears. !

You to mine just came back from a school friends party and is hyper of Sugar, bouncing off the walls.

As for the added stuff, just a habit.

I hope to get a chance.

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Excited to see who gets picked! Good luck, all!

Even if not picked, I'll probably read through the adventures: the party looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

Better late than never, but thought I'd submit Cornet for consideration! Oracle of the Dark Tapestry, hopefully different enough from the other oracle and cleric submissions to avoid stepping on any toes. Thanks and good luck to everyone :)

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May the most particularly complimentary and suitable to the GM's tastes characters win (because best is subjective).

Just fixed here stats had her as 20 point spend not 25 [fixed now]

and positive probability outcome all
[Cuz lucks not SIFI right]

May Torag's light shine on whoever gets picked to solve this 'ere mystery!

Excited to see what happens here.

Scarab Sages

Me too

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

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Thought I'd put together a list of finished submissions quickly, in order of first post:

Woran - Test Build
Cartmanbeck - Miranda Andegar
Steve Danials
Kaziya Hellfallen
Nathan Hartshorn
gfvelastegui - Baphas I
Raven Usta
Bobafett Aloysius
flykiller - Rahlet RH-137
Steel Orchid
Umbungo - Rogar Hammersmith
Mystiel "Myst" Trange
He'sdeadjim - Keldor
Pirate Rob
Valen Nim
Hileyanka Nine
Nerdoftheyear - Hroren Ironbarrow
Nefreet - Dromer Greyskin
Zayne Fasseri

Those with strikethroughs either didn't submit a finalized character or didn't specify that they had already posted under another alias that wasn't linked. If you see an error and can tell me in the next 60 mintues (while I can edit the post), I'll fix it!

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Wow thanks CB, that'll be a huge help going through tonight.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

Anything to help out! (Plus TBH I've found that I'm more often picked when I do this... wonder why... ;)

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My character is here, earlier in the thread.

I already have more aliases than I know what to do with, so I've gotten in the habit of not creating a new alias until a character has been selected.

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